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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Days of Christmas, Day 6: Ultimate Homemade Christmas Gift Guide

Hello my friends, and welcome to day 6 of the 
12 Days of Christmas Series!

I am so glad you could join me today as I give you some ideas for handmade gifts.

Giving something handmade tells a person you care. 
If gives the sense that it came from the heart, and that person can always remember a piece of you.

Some of these gifts are from last years gift guide, some are new, and some are other bloggers.
Lets begin!

Remember these, Homemade Pot Holders?
Its not cheesy when you make them in cool vibrant colors! And let me tell you, I love mine, they work so much better than regular pot holders!
Learn how to make them HERE.

This is easy, and oh so thoughtful. 
Anyone guy or gal, would enjoy getting 
Kristyn from Lil Luna has a great tutorial!

I don't know any woman who wouldn't want one of these Knitted Headbands,
 unless you live in a tropical area, haha.
I made this for my sister last year for her birthday, and will use any excuse to wear it.
Learn how to make it HERE.

I love this easy project! These Personalized Cups come from the good ole Dollar store.
Learn how to make them I cut the adhesive vinyl with my cricut, but you could also buy the letters already cut at any craft store.

You could also make it a coffee mug. 
Again, I got these at the Dollar Store.

Here's a great one for one of the guys. 
A handmade Wooden Beer Totes!
I love it and surprisingly its pretty easy to make.
Chris from the New Hobbyist has detailed instructions on how to make one!

Homemade salsa, yes this one has been a stellar hit among our homemade gifts!
I can't share my salsa recipe, however it resembles the On the Border salsa (hint, hint).
Pinterest has a ton of salsa recipes. Just design a label, glue it on and add some decoupage to the outside of the label to keep it water and spill safe.

Homemade signs, are fun, easy and a hoot of a gift, especially when they're funny.
Learn how I made this Laundry Sign HERE.

Sarah from the Sarah Ortega blog made these beautiful bird nest necklaces, and they are super cheap to make. Learn how to make them HERE.

This is one of my favorite gifts we've made.
 Homemade Bath Fizzies  are a sure win!
And the recipe is super easy too! Learn how to make them HERE.

I know, I  may have exhausted this idea out a little, just a little?
Well who cares, everyone we've given these hand painted coasters loves them.
They are super easy to make and super cheap! Learn how to make them HERE.

I love the idea of this Monogrammed Tote.
Ashley from Under the Sycamore, shows us how easy to make something such a cute, stylish, and classy tote.

Again another favorite gifts of mine is this crochet Mug Cozy.
It's super quick to make, and every gal on my 
gifts list have loved them!
Learn how to make them HERE.

This was a fun project to make with the kids! It's so easy, and cheap.
This Shabby Chic frame put a big smile on Granny's face! Learn how we did it HERE.

For the tween or teen in your life, how about some of the cute Soaps?
The Soap Queen shows us just how easy it is to make them HERE.

Candles are pretty much a girls best friend, ok well second to diamonds.
These candles are so easy to make. I made these with citronella, but you can easily substitute it with candle scented oil. Learn how I made them HERE.

Need a DAD gift? The kids and I made these Coupon Chore Books for my husband, 
and he loved it.
Getting them to actually redeem the coupons was a different story.
Learn how we made them HERE and download the images.

I wish someone would make me these
Chrystal from Happy Mothering shows us how easy it is to make these bars, HERE.

I loved making these Rice Heat Packs and plan to make a few for Christmas this year!
Super easy, and super cheap! Learn how I made them HERE.

I love making  and giving homemade signs, and
 these are super easy and cheap to make when you use canvas. Say what?
Learn how I made mine, HERE.

What a cute idea this Homemade Bowling Set is for a kiddo! It could be Minecraft themed too.
Heidi from Homemade Beauties from Heidi shows us how easy it is to make HERE.

Give the gift of soft lips with this super easy Lip Balm recipe I recently posted.
Learn how I made it HERE.

Another great idea for a tween/teen are these cute Crochet Phone Cases. They were quick and simple to make, learn how I made them HERE.

Do you remember how I made these Personalized Starbucks Decals?
They were so easy, we made them for teachers too, and they love, love, loved them!
Learn how to make them HERE.

Wine Bottle Sweaters are a fun way to give a bottle of wine to a neighbor or co-worker.
I made these on my knifty knitter, learn how to make them HERE.

And last but not least...

This Hand Scrub has most items you already have in your household.
Any woman would love to have softer hands from this homemade recipe!
Learn how to make it HERE.

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...


  1. Some fab ideas. I'm doing handmade this year which has been fun coming up with ideas :)

  2. These are great ideas for Christmas gifts! Thanks so much for sharing at Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party. I am pinning this to the Bloggers Brags Board.

  3. Spain, for example, has its tradition of gifts giving on January 6th, which is consider the Epiphany. New Years Eve is the big day for the Russian.

  4. Giving something hand made thing to a person means you cares a lot for that specific, I wanted to make something decorative for my best construction company although I like this idea so that now I'll make this one.


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