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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shabby Chic Vase

      My Shabby Chic Vase, Love it, and it was Super Easy.
 This was my inspiration...

So first things first, what you need to buy:

glass vase
acrylic paint
sponge paint brush
sand paper
scrap material


    Bought my vase at the Dollar Tree!

The color is Colypso Sky, it gives that great shabby look!

Begin painting it, like you would anything else, just paint vertically.
The vase will look like this after its painted.

Sand paper is from the good ole' Dollar Tree, you get 12 sheets for $1 cut it into about 4 x2 inch rectangle, you can easily get about 10 per sheet which means you spend  less than a penny for each rectangle, you just can't beat that.

After sanding it down in random spots to look like its has aged and peeled, the next step is sealing it. I will either use Mod Podge, or this stuff Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage. Both work equally well, I can usually get this one on sale more often, the good news it does dry in about 5 minutes, bad news is its thin so you end up using more applications. I applied about 4 times, so that took 20 minutes, with Mod Podge I usually only have to apply 2-3 times.

Again, the end result. I added some scrap material, it was a mint green color, and I added some white to the Calypso Sky Paint, and painted one side of the material, leaving the other side the mint green for some contrast. Then I took the material and making a small cut in it I ripped the rest of it so it has that fray look. With one piece you make the rose by twisting the material and then rolling it, glueing it about every 1/4 inch. With the other half of my scrap material I twisted it and tied it onto the vase and with hot glue adhered the flower to the tie.

I had a lot of fun making it, and actually I am going to put flowers in it, on Tuesday and take it to my mom for her 56th birthday.

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next time...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black, White and Pink Girl's bedroom

My daughter loves the glitz and glam, and I of course love it too. We have a lot of girlie qualities in common, thank God. So needless to say I had a blast redecorating her room.

We went with black and white with a touch of fuchsia pink.
The bed set I did not make myself, I've found similar patterns on Amazon.
The polka dot pillows I did make to change up the pattern.

The curtains, I had intended on making but got lucky and found one set, and one set only at Target for only $3.99.  The bulletin board is handmade by me. The black frame was purchased at Michael's. They have a section for "AS IS" in their framing area. Basically these are frames that a customer has requested to be custom made and they never came to pick it up or they didn't like it, etc. So I got this one for 9.99, and then saved 30% with their framing promotion, and then had a 40% off coupon. Which made it like $4.20, plus tax. No bad at all.

The material is a damask pattern that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I got about 3 yards of it but only used about 1/2 or less on the board. I also got the wide satin ribbon at hobby lobby too.

With a staple gun I stapled it to the back to hang it up. The board part is actually not cork, it is foam board that I got for only $1 at the Dollar Tree.

The pictures are tacked up with thumb tacks that I painted pink and then made tiny sheer bows and hot glued them to the tacks.

This is her bow holder and light switch cover. Both are covered in the same damask pattern material. The bow holder torso part is made of foam board, I free handed half of it on a folded piece of paper and then traced and cut it, and covered it bonding it with hot glue, the skirt is black tulle, I threaded the top of the tulle in a very loose stitch by hand and then pulled it to make it ruffle, very quick and very easy to do. I then attached it to the bottom of the torso with with the hot glue and added 3 satin ribbons on top the skirt for to hold the bows and  and then adhered the another ribbon at the top of the skirt at the waist line to hide the mess underneath, then added this very cute polka dot daisy that I got at Michael's for $3, and then added one more piece of satin ribbon on the back at each shoulder to hang it.

Again, same pattern material on the shade. It previously had butterflies but I love re purposing. I recovered it in the material and then added fuchsia tulle to make it pop. The picture is of the Paris Eiffel Tower. but I really wanted the words Paris on it, in pink. So I found some rhinestone words at Michael's, of course I couldn't find Paris, so I improvised. It originally said Party, but I cut off the top of the t and took the y off and turned it upside down added it to the end of the t, now the i and made it curve into a cursive s took the rest of the rhinestones to dot the i. It already had adhesive so all I had to do was stick it on.

This chair is a toddler chair, it originally had Disney Princess on it, I hated to get rid of it as she likes to sit in it and read, and she's tiny so she still fits in it funny enough. Unfortunately, the cover of seat is not removable which meant I could not take it off sew a cover over it. So I took a this material, which is a Cotton t shirt material, got it at Hobby Lobby in their scraps section, it was originally like $7 a yard and since it was off the spool it was only $3 for almost 2 yards and then I found one more scrap roll of it for $1. So three yards for $4 can't beat that. I loved the print, loved the texture.
I ended up sewing it on by hand, yep, took a little while, but I think it turned out quite cute.

In this picture the pillow is handmade as well, I found this pattern while at Hobby Lobby. But I really wanted this pillow, I was just too impatient to wait for it.


Ever seen those high end entertainment center's at Pottery Barn and places like that? They want to charge like $150 for a small rinky dink thing and it doesn't even include the baskets. I really wanted a white one like one of those, so I purchased this black one, and tried to paint it white spray paint, hahaha, didn't work. Since its not real wood it kept streaking, so I went and painted it back with black spray paint. Oops, live and learn.

I was fine with the black showing through a little to give it a shabby chic look, but it wouldn't hold up at all, maybe if I had painted it by hand....

Well anyway, bought this one for only $20 at Walmart, and then got the baskets at Home Goods for $12  a piece. With a total of only $44 that's much cheaper than $150 and well, I think it looks almost as cute.

Again, I love re purposing! This table used to be a lavender Tinker Bell Table and Chairs. You know the kind you can get at Target or Walmart for like $30. Well, she had her use for at least 2 years of it with Tinker Bell, and instead of getting rid of it and then trying to replace it with something cute and affordable, I did what I love doing best, re purposed it.

I bought a flat black spray paint and took off the table and seat and back rest part off the frame and painted the metal black. Then I also spray painted the tinker bell pattern that was on the table, seat and back rest black as well. Why you asked, because I didn't want to remove the cushion, no need to buy more supplies to do that and more work, but I knew Tinkerbell would show through. This way she didn't. I recovered the seat, back rest and table top with the same pattern as the reading chair, and because I knew she would be coloring at the table among other things I covered it with clear contact paper. The table part I evenly matched up half and half right down the middle since the roll was not wide enough for a full circle, but you can't even barely see the line down the middle. I attached it all the way to the back so that when it was mounted back on you cannot see it nor will it come up.

Finally, the last finishing touch, her name. We have had these letters since she was born, they were first white, then multi colored for her flower room, and now painted black with fuchsia ribbon. I hope she'll let me keep her name letters in her room until, well forever!

I promise! I promise! Ok, I'll try and promise.

This is not my first rodeo, nor my first blog, and in the past I could barely keep up with them, and they eventually end up being neglected the poor things, but I am going to really try to keep this one up because I am so exited to be able to craft again.

My wonderful husband gave me the garage (sacrificing the beauty of his boat to be moved outside) and he has let me transform it into a huge wonderful room. So now let the crafting begin. I'll be taking pictures of my crafts as I go, and share with all who care.

I will post pictures of my room before and after some day. But for now lets start with some older crafts/ handmade decorating, etc.
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