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Hello all! I'm Allie!

I'm a born and raised Texan, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.
I am a wife, mother, nurse, photographer, and avid craft addict.

I love, love, love crafting! As if you couldn't tell from my blog, lol.

I have a wonderful husband who gave up his garage and gave it to me for a craft room. There, I am free to craft, sew, store and organize the stuff I sell on ebay and etsy!

For vacations and extra spending money I sell on etsy and ebay.

On Etsy
I sell handmade knitted and crocheted 
items for newborn photography props.

 On eBay
I also sell my knitted items as 
well as unique other finds.

 I have two kiddos ages 8 and 10. I was blessed with a boy and a girl, and boy are they different.
I love them to death though, despite them not always letting me craft (pout).
They inspire me to think outside the box and I end up doing  a lot of crafts just for them. You can find them all over my blog (the kid crafts that is).

I have to say that my Step Mom and Grandma had the biggest impact on me when it comes to how I ended up with my creativity. Although, I am also left handed and I've been told that has a huge part in it. Hmm... who knows.

They always showed me how to do things, and gave me materials to let my mind go wild. When I took home-economics I really found my niche. Crafting! My home-ec teacher taught me how to sew,  and crochet, and now I even knit (even though its on a loom).

I also have my husband to thank, he is such a DIY'r. I mean there is not a  whole lot the man won't tackle. And if he has doubts, and its something I want bad enough, enough pouting (and encouragement) and he'll usually cave.

I also  love singing, dancing, cuddling with my husband watching a good movie, garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, oh ya and Pinterest.

I know there's more to say, so if you want to know anything just ask away!


  1. Love this page! It's fun to learn more about you. My Mom grew up in Fort Worth, TX close to the stockyards. We'd visit there every few summers and I LOVED it!

    1. Not to far away, just a hop, skip and a jump away!

  2. I wanted to ask about your ebay shop. I'm thinking of expanding over to ebay. What are your thoughts. Have you had greater success on ebay than etsy?

  3. Hi Allie! I just happened to run across your lovely blog via Thrifty Thursday and noticed that we are neighbors. I'm from the Burleson area. Lovely blog, sweet story, and very sweet of the hubby to give up his garage. You have a new follower, didn't see a newsletter but I am going now to follow you on FB, Twitter, and Google. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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