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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Round-Up

Well, hello and Happy Thursday! Only one more day to go, until Friday, yay!

I'm happy enough its Thursday, because my sister is coming over for SHT (Sister Hang Time).
And we'll be brewing up some crafts you better believe it!

But for now, lets move onto the 

"Valentines Day Gift Round Up!

Lets start this round up from one of my own crafts. Remember these homemade heart bath fizzies? Well they were so easy, and cheap. Learn how to make them here.

This is such a Unique ring that Erlene from Pinterventures.
And I know I'd love it for a V-Day gift!
See how she made it here

Give the gift of cookies and adorable Valentines packaging.

This is such an adorable little gift to give a teacher, or even a Sunday School teacher.
Amy at 11 Magnolia Lane even gives out a free printable.

I want someone to make me these and give me one or two or three, ok how about a dozen of these conversation heart cheesecakes by Beth at Hungry Happenings.

How about some Allie Balm? This is a great Valentines gift for any woman, or man. Learn now I made my Homemade Lip Balm.

I don't know very many people who wouldn't enjoy a mug as a gift.
These are so cute, learn how Kim from Today's Creative Blog made these Confetti Painted Heart Mugs.

Aren't these the cutest Valentines Rainbow loom Bracelets by Kellie at Nest of Poises.
I think we just might have to make these for my daughters Valentines Gift,
We for sure have plenty of the rubber bands. 

Yum, who doesn't love Cherry pie? Ok maybe a few people. See how Jocelyn, and Kara from Caramel Potatoes made these adorable Cherry Pie Cutie Pie gifts.

These Heart Thumbprint Pendant Necklaces would be such a cute gift for a mom or grandma.
See how Cheryl from What Che Said made them.

Not so pink, but you can make it all pink and red for Valentines.
This Homemade Hand Scrub recipe is so easy!

I've seen this on Pinterest, and one day I really want to make these 

 I love that these heart hand warmers were made from a sweater.
See how Becky at Patchwork Posses made them.

I love conversation hearts can you tell? And these Conversation Heart Soaps are just so cute, and I would love them as a gift, hint, hint. See how Sara from Bitz n Giggles made them.

I love to crochet, and these Handmade Mug Cozy's are easy and FUN to make. I am sure any woman would love one!

I am going to love giving these Valentines Candy Bars to my kids.
Kristyn at Lil Luna gives a free printable.

Can you say genius? These are Plantable Flower Seed Hearts. Not only is it a great gift, but what a great kids craft.See how Jennifer from Hill City Bride made these adorable hearts!

What a cute and fun gift for the kids to give out. This glitter goo
by Tonia at The Gunny Sack has such a cute presentation too!

I love making special vases. I make my mom one every year.
Learn how I made this Chalkboard Vase.

It can be for a bracelet or even a bookmark. 
I love the colors of these crochet hearts by Mommy Creations.

Simple but adorable! These Fingerprint Key Rings are sure to put a smile onany mom, grandma, or even dad and grandpa. See the tutorial here by Messy Little Monsters.

I am in love with cute Crochet Valentines Gift Bags. What a lovely way to gift a Valentines gift, and the bag is a keep sake. See how Amy from Little Doolally made them.

I'm totally making one of these not only for my table, but also as a gift for my mom. These Arranged with Love Flower Hearts are so easy to make. See the tutorial by eHow here.

Grab a few assistants and make some of these adorable Gingham Heart favor bags!See how Jamie from That's My Letter made them.

I love unique art! And while this may not seem like a gift idea, I know a few people who would love this Love Always Art by Homegrown Hospitality.

A darling gift idea for the teacher, neighbor, mom, grandma.
These Salt Dough Heat Magnets by Amy at The Connection We Share seems pretty easy!

Another cute idea to package gifts are these Heart Felt Envelopes by the Bonnie Nouvelle Blog.Her instructions are so simple!

That about wraps up my round up! Thank you bloggy crafters for all your wonderful inspiration!
Feel free to grab my button on the side bar if you want to show off your feature.

Here are few other fun Valentine Crafts...

23 Insanely romantic ideas - pick out the pink/red starburst, add fav liqourCupcake in a plastic cup... great idea for wrapping cupcakes individually and dolling them up!Worth Pinning: Valentine's Candy BouquetI need to remember this tip: Tissue paper ironed between 2 sheets of wax paper - nice wrapping for giving away baked goods
Painted Toilet/paper towel tubes... stuff with sandwich baggies full of small candies or individually wrapped candies would be great!Good packaging idea for any type of box. Line with cupcake wrappers and fill with assorted goodies. Would be good with cookies too (use a foil cupcake wrapper) or mix and match cupcake wrappers for appeal. You could even plastic wrap money, small gifts, or jewellery. Would work in tin containers too!Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Rustic DIY Photo Holder ( DIY Sugar Scrub bars are both simple and fun to make! You'll love the way they make your skin feel!
A little paint/soap mixture goes a long way - for 9 cards (3 scratch-offs each), I suggest 2 tsp. paint/1 tsp. soap.Blocks and Modge PodgeSalt Dough Footprints Heart Tutorial...great gift idea for any occasion!Free Printable: Donut Thank You Gift Tags - this would make a great teacher appreciation gift! via Happiness is HomemadeSurprise Crackers - who says they're just for xmas?? perfect valentine's day DIY crackers!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next Time...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Worthwhile Wednesdays #53 1 year Link Party Anniversary

Welcome, Welcome all to the 53nd
Worthwhile Wednesdays Link Party!

Today, we are celebrating my 1 year Link Party anniversary, not my blogs anniversary, my Worthwhile Wednesday anniversary!

And today you'll get to party hard!

I've got  7 very lovely co-hosts today!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Crochet Valentines Hat

  Well Hello Lovelies!

Valentines is soon approaching, 
I had been just dying to 
make my daughter another 
Valentines hat.

This pattern is very simple, so here we go!

I used a size H on the picture above and only one strand of yarn. But in the pictures below I am using a size K hook and I am using two strands 
of Off White/Cream colored yarn 
by Loops and Threads.

Make a magic ring to start out with.

Round 1: Crochet 8 half double crochets into the magic ring and connect with a slip stitch into the first chain.

Round 2: Chain 2

Round 2: After you chain two, crochet a half double crochet into the same whole. Then crochet two half double crochets into each chain. I crochet into the top two chains, this will ensure smaller wholes. After you crochet two half double crochets into each chain, then join the circle with a slip stitch into the third chain. Joining into the 2nd chain.

Round 3: Chain two and crochet a half double crochet into the same chain. Then in the next stitch crochet only one half double crochet into the next chain. Crochet two half double crochets into the next chain and then one half double crochet into the next. Follow the same pattern all way around and join the circle with a slip stitch into the 2nd chain.

Round 4: Chain two and crochet a half double crochet into the same chain. In the next chain crochet one half double crochet. In the next will be another single half double crochet, and then after that will be two half double crochets.
The pattern will alternate two half doubles, then one half double into the next two chains. Then two half doubles into every third chain. Slip stitch into the 2nd chain to join the circle.

Round 5: Chain two and crochet a half double crochet into the same chain. The pattern on this round will be one half double crochet into 3 chains and then two double crochets into the 4th chain. Slip stitch into the 2nd chain to join the circle.

Round 6: Chain two and crochet a half double crochet into the same chain. The pattern for this round will be one half double crochet into 4 chains and two half double crochets into the 5th chain. Slip Stitch into the 2nd chain to join the circle.

Round 7: At this point you should have 4 inches from the center to the outer edge, in which you are now ready to begin the length. .
Chain two, but this time go to the next chain and crochet one half double crochet, do so in all the chains all the way. Slip stitch in to the 2nd chain to join the circle.
If you do not half 4 inches and it is smaller than that, you will need to do one more round, but you will add the two half double crochets in every 6th chain.

Continue crocheting one half double crochet into each chain until you reach 9 inches from the center to the outer edge. Remember to always chain two at the beginning of the round and to slip stitch at the end of the round.

Now for the hearts on the ear...

This is very simple. To make mine bigger I used two strands of yarn and used a size K hook.

Make a magic circle.
Chain 3, and crochet 3 triple crochets into the magic ring.
Then crochet 3 double crochets into the magic ring. 
Crochet 1 triple crochet into the ring.
Now we do the opposite of the above instructions to make the other side of the ear.

Crochet 3 double crochets, and then 3 triple crochets into the ring.

Chain 3 and slip stitch into the actual magic ring.

And wha- la, you just made you a heart, yay!

To attach my hearts I left plenty of yarn when I cut it off the heart, and using my crochet needle I sewed it onto the hat weaving it in and out all the way around.

Now,  to make the braid I cut 8 pieces of cream yarn and 8 pieces of the pink and white yarn into long pieces.

You will need 16 pieces total for each side.

Using your crochet needle, pull all 16 pieces into the hat behind the heart. Match up the ends and now you have 32 pieces on one side. Divide them up and braid them. Do it to the other side and your done!

*Please note that you will need more rounds if only using one strand of yarn and a size H hook on the hat. I believe I ended up doing 8 rounds before doing the length.

I hope this pattern helped. I had a lot of fun making it and my daughter loves it!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next time...
Coming tomorrow...

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