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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Worthwhile Wednesdays #50

Welcome, Welcome all to the 50th
Worthwhile Wednesdays Link Party!

Thank you, thank you for all of your prayers.
I unfortunately did have to undergo surgery. But there was no alternative.

I did more damage than I thought I did.
What we did know is I fractured my fibula, but what we didn't know is that I fractured the whole ankle joint and as a result my fibula had completely slipped out of the joint.

During the surgery, he rebroke the fibula and put a metal  (permanent) plate over it.
He then placed the fibula back into place and used wires to hold it into place, which is as well permanent. 
I have a huge incision running down my calf to my foot. It's puffy, and oh so ugly.
I take pride in my feet, and this looks hideous!!! 
Good news is though, this should fix it. Bad news is I'll be immobile for another 2 months.
After that I'll be undergoing a lot of physical therapy to learn how to walk again. 
Because I tore ligaments going from the right side of the ankle going over to the left side.
Good news is, that since last Friday the 2nd when it was done, I feel a little better each day.

Other than Vitamin B oil, anyone know of some really good inexpensive ways to minimize my scarring?

Well enough about me! Did you read the DIY guest post by The Sustainable Couple?

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  1. Oh my gosh... Oh my gosh... My stomach is turning think about your surgery and recovery! Prayers that you heal quickly and have a good PT. They are worth their weight in gold! I'm amazed that you're still blogging and hosting amidst everything. Way to go!

  2. I'm just sitting here going OMG OMG OMG too. I'm speachless. I hope your family is taking good care of you. I don't know much about minimising scaring but I'd always heard vitamin E oil was the best. What I do know is that glucosamine helps with cartilage and swelling and magnesium helps with muscle soreness and swelling. Take it easy, and just ask if there's anything I can help with. *HUGS*

  3. OH, Allie! I'm so sorry! 2 months sounds like forever, but hey, when it is over it will almost be spring!! :) I know it is a long road, so I will continue to pray for you recovery.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you had such invasive surgery! My husband had a knee replacement in September and had a hideous scar that I thought was going to stay with him forever. But, few months later you can't even notice the scar. I think that vitamin E is good for healing scars and it is not crazy expensive. Wishing you speedy healing!

  5. Oh no, Allie ! I am so sorry to hear it turned out to be so bad ! Wishing you a speedy recovery, but do take things slow and take care of yourself :-)

  6. Wow, the injury and surgery is intense! Glad you are getting a little better each day. The PT will do wonders. As for the scarring vitamin e is good, and cocoa butter too. (you'll smell like yummy chocolate!) I'm not sure about the new over the counter scar treatments; haven't tried them.

    Feel better, and take good care!


  7. Oh Allie - I so understand what you're going through! It took me 3 months from surgery to the time I started to walk again. I now walk as before, but my ankle is still swollen(!). They tell me it might take up to a year(!)
    I with you the the best, but please be patient as it takes time

    Thank you for featuring my Jam Doughnut-Muffin, with sugar coating (•◡•)

  8. So sorry to hear about your ankle :( Hope that your pain is well controlled. If you ever have any questions about the process or therapy, let me know...I'm a physical therapist. Thinking of you!!

  9. Hello beautiful! We are thrilled to stop by and be a part of your party. Please take a moment and party with us . We love partying with you.
    Happy Wednesday! Lou Lou Girls

  10. Happy New Year Allie, thanks for the party!

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