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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Worthwhile Wednesdays #66

Welcome, Welcome all to the 66th
Worthwhile Wednesdays Link Party!

Thank you so much for partying with me! 

I am so sorry this last week was a bad week and I was unable to link up everyone's post. 

I will continue on posting your creations on Facebook this week!

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Anywho, moving on...

Thank You to everyone who was able to link 
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I have picked out  of my favorite ones, but they were all so awesome!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

How I Cope With My Pinterest Addiction

Ha, and you thought this was a 
control your Pinterest Addiction!

Hi, my name is Allie, and I'm a Pinterest Addict!

Get real, you think I've been cured? 
And do you think I even want to cope?

If you answered "Yes", to those questions, well then [sigh] you just don't know me at all.

And maybe you don't. Maybe you followed 
the Pinterest crumb trail, that I or one of the 
other Pinterest Addicts left for you.

Instead of talking about how to spend less time on Pinterest, lets talk about all the wonderful, oh so fabulousity benefits Pinterest has to to offer.

Pinterest has literally changed my life!!!

No kidding, I feel so much more creative, since Pinterest was created.

Before, they called me the "Google Queen", 
and now they call me the "Pinterest...
(haha) "Freak"!
 That's okay, its a title I'm proud of (sort of).

Pinterest is essentially a digital cork pinning board, a place where you can collate and categorize anything visually appealing to you.
Oh, yes I did! I did say ANYTHING, baby! 

Pinterest has become number 4 in social media.
Ha, number 4? Come on now, in my book it's number one, but hey until all men are on the Pinterest Train, guess it will remain in the number 4 slot.

It's funny, my husband used to totally be like, 
"Oh Pinterest, that girly crafty site".

And now he has finally realized that it's so much more than cupcakes, knitting and craft projects.

While he doesn't have his own pinterest account, he does have his own board for RV Ideas.

Now, some of the stuff I've pinned. 
 In fact, as I was creating the widget to pin on here, I got a little carried away and pinned some more stuff on it.

Most of the ideas, are things that honestly, 
he wants ME to do to the RV. 
Like re-model projects, and organizing ideas. 
But he has also pinned fix it ideas, and camping check lists, etc.

Now, onto some other fabulous reasons, why you should become addicted to Pinterest too
 (if you're aren't already).

How about the fact that it's a 
free business traffic director.
Ok, maybe not totally free, there are some
 options you can pay for.

I think basically if you pay for a Business Pinterest Account 
then your pins will show up on the top of 
the lists when someone searches that item.

But with or without a business account, shoppers referred by Pinterest spend 10% more than other resource sites.

I use Pinterest for my Etsy and Ebay to direct traffic. 

Not all of the stuff on there is stuff I sale, and some of the items that I've pinned are old items I don't sale anymore, but it's still a great free way to get noticed!

So, with that said, I know many of us bloggers, monetize our blogs. 
Yep, and it just so happens that Pinterest is my number one source of traffic directed to my site.

I pin everything that has been on my blog!

Follow Allie's board Pins from the Crafty Allie Blog on Pinterest.

Pinterest not only provides you with more backlinks to your website, but it also increases your visibility.
So basically, instead of people finding you on their own, being visible on Pinterest gives you additional potential touch points.
Yes, score!

Pinterest lets you source and post appealing content that others will find interesting and will want to like and share. And if you're like me
its even better when they decide to share a pin on Facebook, 
double SCORE!

Also, another bit of informative advice...
add your website to your Pinterest Profile.
Once pinners follow you (if they hadn't already visited your site), then your profile will have it right there in plain site!

Moving on.

 We all go there. Sometimes were in a rut and can't seem to think of anything new and interesting.

While I rarely copy the ideas straight from another pinner, I always give them credit when I do.

Most of the time I try and put my own twist on it.
Like I usually make it my own way. 
I'm a big short cut taker, and my version is never the same as theirs.

Follow Allie's board Crafts I gotta try on Pinterest.

Most of the time I come up with an idea of something I want to make and look to Pinterest in reassurance that I can do it.

What I love about Pinterest is that you can join other boards.
These boards sometimes have thousands of followers. So that means if you pin your project on there, you're sure to get noticed.
Follow Rachel Baumann (Fifty Two Weekends of DIY)'s board DiY Blogger Projects - Group Board on Pinterest.

I have tons of boards, everything from cooking, knitting, sewing, and party ideas to gift ideas. 
Follow Allie's board yummy food on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Happy Hour on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board knitting on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Sewing on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Party ideas on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Gift ideas on Pinterest.

I join almost every group someone has invited me to, and I have some boards, just because I felt like pinning something random I saw.

Follow Allie's board Funny on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board free printables on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Nifty DIY solutions on Pinterest.

And also, in case you didn't know...
I also host a monthly Pinterest Pinning Party
"Our Favorite things Pinterest Party"
which is possible in the works of becoming weekly, we shall see.

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

DIY Retro String Art Wall Decor

How to Make Your Own 
Retro String Art Wall Décor

By Kelly Rae Smith 

String art may be an art form popularized in the 1960s, but it’s not a lost one! 

Etsy’s ripe with sellers hawking their stringed wares, but you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some cool stringed art of your very own. 
Using a few inexpensive materials, you can easily create your very own nifty piece of string art. 
And I’m here to show you how.

What You’ll Need

·         Wooden board
·         Nails
·         Thread
·         Spray paint
·         Newspaper

How To Do It

     While you can have a hardware store chop up a few hardwood boards to start, you can also pick up an already-presentable plaque at your local craft store, like I did. 

 Gather your other materials. For this small plaque, I used 1 ¼ nails. Using the skinny nails allows you to place them closer together without much awkwardness. Make sure that there’s somewhat of a head (I used wire brads) to help you keep the string in place more effectively.

  Decide which shape you’d like to string up and make a template out of paper. 

    I chose to do a heart for this project, so I simply folded a sheet of paper and cut my shape out, ensuring it was a good size for the plaque. I then held the heart in place as I penciled in dots around the heart signifying where the nails would go. 

Next, carefully begin hammering nails in, using the dots as a guide. Make sure the plaque is on an older, thick surface just in case the nail accidentally sinks all the way through. Hammer until each nail is securely in place while also leaving plenty of the nail protruding out, ready to get stringed. But don’t get too carried away — one out-of-place nail could mean having to start all over again. 

  Now, grab some newspaper and spray paint. I’ve read about the advantage of buying colored nails for extra flair, but this is a DIY project, so I decided to spray-paint the plaque and paint my own nails all in one fell swoop. Red was an obvious choice for a heart!

     Now the fun begins. Choose your string — I used yellow thread from a sewing kit. Loop the string around your first nail and tie it in a knot, a couple of times for good measure. 

     Go nuts. Rules go out the window here — simply string any and all nails in whatever pattern you please! 

That was fun, right? I only stopped because I ran out of string. But remember, you can also use multiple colors if you’d like. 

  I used Velcro hanging strips to hang my plaque inside a drawer shelf in my kitchen from a previous DIY project. I think it’s the perfect placement for my latest project, don’t you? 

Kelly Rae Smith is a craftswoman and home décor expert who writes for To see more wall art ideas like Kelly’s retro string art project, visit Shutterfly online.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Worthwhile Wednesdays #65

Welcome, Welcome all to the 65th
Worthwhile Wednesdays Link Party!

Thank you so much for partying with me!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mini Course Giveaway "Never Run Out of Ideas Again"

I am so excited today to have Colleen on from

She has a fantastic new mini-course for all us bloggers 
"Never Run Out of Ideas Again".
But really, I found that it really can be used on so many different levels, not just for bloggers.

Well, anyway, I'll let Colleen tell you more!

Everyone struggles with generating the ‘perfect idea’ every now and again- the difference between
those people who seem to have great ideas all the time and the rest of us? They know how to trick their brains into coming up with new ideas when they’re stuck. Allowing yourself to be inspired- and knowing how to get your creative juices flowing takes practice. 

I’m Colleen a DIY and Lifestyle blogger at Lemon Thistle (where I talk home decor, parties, DIY, Printables and Babies) but I also contribute projects to other blogs and have blogging clients that I create content for. In any given week I’m not only creating 3 projects for Lemon Thistle, but also another 6 posts for clients/ other blogs. Plus, I’m shooting out e-mails pitching ideas.
That’s a lot of content to create and a lot of ideas to generate.

When I first started blogging, I didn't understand how it was possible to create fresh content that hadn't been done by a hundred other bloggers… let alone do it every week! 

This workbook is designed to not only give you strategies to tackle your idea block, but gives you practices that can help change the way you view idea generation 
(and it’s not a scary thing!).

Coming up with ideas 
(and GOOD ones at that) is the topic I get asked about more than any other and hey, I get it!

 These strategies have helped me not only fill my editorial calendar, but have also given me more than enough ideas to pitch for future projects. My trouble is now picking which idea is the best fit/ best timed. I so hope that they will do the same for you!

Don't wait to win it, buy the mini-course at a very affordable price. 
Plus, Colleen is giving a special 10% discount to all of you Crafty Allie Fans!


Enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for Tuning In!
Until Next Time...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Worthwhile Wednesdays #64

Welcome, Welcome all to the 64th
Worthwhile Wednesdays Link Party!

Thank you so much for partying with me!

Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Fabric Flowers for Headbands

I have already shown how to make fabric flowers on my blog before, but this time I want to show a different type that is very popular!

I love shabby chic flowers, and I am loving these adorable baby headbands that have this particular type of flower.

It is super easy to make, and best part is no sewing is required, just a hot glue gun.

So lets begin...

First you will need your fabric.
Chiffon seems to work the best, its pretty, silky but the most of all the ends of it easily shred.

You will also need a felt fabric.

I cut a 4 inch circle out of the felt.

And then cut TEN 4 inch circles 
from the chiffon fabric.

Hint... if you double your fabric you only have to cut 5 circles.

Next fold a circle in half.

Fold, it in half again.

And with your nail just pinch and 
drag your fingers along the edge.

Dab some hot glue about 1/4 inch 
from the edge of the circle.

And glue down the tip of your circle.

Place another circle half way on 
top of the other circle.

Make your way around the circle.

Next cut about a 12 inch long 
1 1/2 inches wide strip.

Fold it in half,

And Fray the edges.

Fold the tip of the fabric over into a triangle.

Glue it down in the center.

And slowly glue it down all the way around.

Trim off any extra long fray strings. 

Now for the headband.

You will need FOE (Fold Over Elastic)

Here are the measurements so you know how long to cut the elastic.
Newborn  13″
0-1 Year 14″ 
 1-6 Years 15″
 Child-teen 16.5″
Adults  17.5″ 

I glue mine together first and 
then sew it to make sure it is super secure!

I made a pink one to go with the white one 
and then added a flower embellishment 
(flower center).

Adhere the flowers with hot glue and then adhere two more felt circles to the backside of the elastic.

I made another quick one this evening.

Here is the tutorial for the flower on the left.

Thanks So Much for Tuning In!
Until Next Time...

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