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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chevron Block Photo Frames

I'm sure one day, I'll get tired 
of the chevron pattern.
Either that or it will fade away, 
like all the other fads. 
But for now I'm still loving it!

My sister mentioned to me she wanted 
some of these block frames. 
She had seen them somewhere, 
and she was trying to describe them, 
but finally we saw some similar to these at an Antique Mall, and I was like Ohh Ok I get it.
Um Ya, I can totally make those!

So, luckily I already had two  2x4 blocks.
And... the best part is they were already black from a previous project, DOUBLE BONUS!

Next I printed off a chevron pattern.

And then I cut out the pattern
 and just taped it to the blocks.

With a pencil I traced the pattern onto the block.

Next, with a very stiff fine point paint brush, 
I painted the chevron stripes 
with an off white color.

Then using a fine grade of sanding paper, 
sand all the way around the block and the top of it.

Then I added some twine.


And I made a pink one too!

And that's it, really very simple!

The toughest part was deciding 
which pictures to display in it;
I still may change them out.

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...

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  1. Love the photo blocks! I've been on a kick where I've been making photo blocks too. There are so many different ways to paint and decorate them, and their so simple to make. I found you via Thrifty Thursday. Sharing!


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