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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shabby Chic Vase

      My Shabby Chic Vase, Love it, and it was Super Easy.
 This was my inspiration...

So first things first, what you need to buy:

glass vase
acrylic paint
sponge paint brush
sand paper
scrap material


    Bought my vase at the Dollar Tree!

The color is Colypso Sky, it gives that great shabby look!

Begin painting it, like you would anything else, just paint vertically.
The vase will look like this after its painted.

Sand paper is from the good ole' Dollar Tree, you get 12 sheets for $1 cut it into about 4 x2 inch rectangle, you can easily get about 10 per sheet which means you spend  less than a penny for each rectangle, you just can't beat that.

After sanding it down in random spots to look like its has aged and peeled, the next step is sealing it. I will either use Mod Podge, or this stuff Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage. Both work equally well, I can usually get this one on sale more often, the good news it does dry in about 5 minutes, bad news is its thin so you end up using more applications. I applied about 4 times, so that took 20 minutes, with Mod Podge I usually only have to apply 2-3 times.

Again, the end result. I added some scrap material, it was a mint green color, and I added some white to the Calypso Sky Paint, and painted one side of the material, leaving the other side the mint green for some contrast. Then I took the material and making a small cut in it I ripped the rest of it so it has that fray look. With one piece you make the rose by twisting the material and then rolling it, glueing it about every 1/4 inch. With the other half of my scrap material I twisted it and tied it onto the vase and with hot glue adhered the flower to the tie.

I had a lot of fun making it, and actually I am going to put flowers in it, on Tuesday and take it to my mom for her 56th birthday.

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next time...


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