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Sunday, March 3, 2013

School Desk Makeover

Its been a while, and actually I have a lot of stuff I want to start posting. As you have read in my first post, my wonderful husband converted our garage into a craft room for me. It was completed in June 2012, and in 7 months I have been busy, busy, busy. I love that room, I think I have died and gone to craft heaven. Funny thing is as we completed the room, my husband said, "man all this time and money we spent on this room you better use it!" He can't seem to get me out of there now. I think he is biting those words. I forget my mommy and wifey duties at times.

Anyway, My daughter has been bugging me to get her desk. However, her room is small, so the desk would have to be small if we were going to get one. I am a bargain shopper and can't see spending a lot of money, plus I always love a challenge. She begged me to go garage sale-ing yesterday, but we already had plans to go to my mom's house for the day. She lives 40 minutes away, so its an all day event. But as luck would have it, as we got around the corner from her house, we saw a huge garage sale just calling our name. So even though my son, was begging for us not to stop, my daughter was jumping for joy. As luck would have it, tada they had a desk, and its just the perfect size, plus it was something I could get into my minivan, and best part was it was for the right price; only $5.

We get to my mom's house, I show it to my dad, and he thinks I am crazy for attempting to paint on laminate/partial board. But he just doesn't know all the tricks. But we laugh about it and then he says now you have to get a chair. Oh sh*t, now I have to go and spend more on the chair than I did on the desk.

Well as luck would have it I saw a huge outdoor estate sale on the way home, which was around 4pm. I couldn't believe I saw one open that late and even crazier is I chose a route home that I normally never take. So I am pretty sure GOD was treating me for the day. Anyway, I found leather desk chair for only $5. Praise the LORD!

Without further ado this is my craft for the day...

Now if I had been smart enough I would have taken a picture of the actual desk before I started, and I had every intention to do so, but didn't remember until I had already spray painted the legs. However I did take a picture of it after I spray painted the legs and bottom desk part all black.
Now its not the best picture, but it is what it is.
Then I spray painted the top brown part black as well, and yes I know that may not be a very smart thing do, but I did spray paint two layers, and the pink paint I got has a primer plus paint.

 Let me tell a little about this paint. Its only $2.97 at Home Depot. I mean come on, this is freakin genius. It is a primer plus paint, and all you have to do is pick out the Behr paint color you want, and they mix it for you. Plus hey its Behr, which is a superb brand. I love it, I knew I wouldn't need a lot to just paint the top, and this way I don't have to spend $13 on  small can of it. These are for sampling. Like if you want to paint something a certain color but you just not sure about the color well you only spent $3 to test it out. But what I love about it is that if I like the color, and I want more I can go and get a bigger can of it. But I like to get a new color every time I go. I only used 1/4 of this container. And that's only because my daughter was helping and she felt the grass needed painting as well, not really she just kept let it drip on the grass. Thank God grass grows then you mow it.

Don't you just love the color? It's called Tutti-Frutti.

After I painted the first coat, we let it dry for about 30 minutes and then I went back out and applied another layer. Let that dry for 2 hours then I began sanding it down to let the black show through.

I love how it turned out, it was super easy!

Here is the chair, doesn't go with it all that well, and when we find a cuter chair at bargain price we'll replace it, but its really nice for $5! By the looks of the picture though, I may want to dust off the bottom part, lol.

Thanks for tuning in, off to post some more!


  1. Love it! I have to say I smiled when I saw this, that someone else did the same thing I did (well, sorta). My daughter (7) needed a desk, and I found one just like the one you did, at the local ReUzit Furniture, for a few bucks, and also a cute little wooden chair for just another few. My daughter's fave color is turquoise at the moment, so the desk is now turquoise on top, with hot pink legs (her previous attempt at a desk was hot pink & white, so I used that same pink paint). And the chair, though it was cute as it was it didn't match anything, is now also hot pink. The chair was all wood, but I upholstered the seat in turquoise zebra-print fabric. Too cute! Amazing how something so drab and un-girly could be made so cute, right?! Love that you got a craft room out of the garage. You can NEVER have enough crafting space. :-)

    1. Lol, Lisa. Yes your the first person to admit they did it too! She has loved it but now says she wants a bigger one. Do I sell it and make some decent $$ of it? Or should I keep it and repaint it? I just don't know. I really don't have room for it. By the way your makeover sounds superb. I'd love to see it!

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