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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black Ops Mystery Box

My son loves Black ops. I mean loves, loves, loves. He was introduced to the game by husband. Good ole' daddy introduced a violent video game to our 8 year old son (now 9 1/2). I had a fit, and told him no, no, no, you can't play it, but daddy said yes, yes, yes. I tried so hard but couldn't and didn't win.
Well, he has been playing for about 1 1/2 years now, and he promises to never say the bad words or to display violence like they do in the video game. He has pretty much kept up his part of the bargain, except when he gets mad he does like to get his Nerf goes and go crazy shooting Nerf darts. Hey as long as he doesn't aim it at me, and he doesn't break anything. He is scared of real guns for the time being, thank God.

Anyway, he has been asking for about a year now to convert his toy box into a mystery box. He kept asking to paint it yellow. I was like no way dude. He thought it was yellow because of the lighting in the video game. But after a year of begging, I did the research and realized its actually brown, and looks like an ammo trunk. So I made a deal with him, that we could sand his down and then paint it a dark brown stain and then put yellow question marks on it. I made them on my cricut with bright yellow oracal sticker vinyl. I wanted to do stickers so that later on this could be a trunk for him or maybe I'll get lucky and we'll get to keep it.

I again didn't think to take a picture of it before the project. The toy box was custom made by his poppy (my dad), when he was 1 years old. It has been filled with hundreds of toys over a 8 1/2 year period. But now its purpose will be to hold his Nerf guns and ammo. At least I won't trip on them in his room now.

The stain I used was purchased at Home Depot, for $13.The color is KONA. It has a stain plus top clear coat so you don't have to wait until it dries and then apply another coat. We used about 2 coats on it.

If you click on the image it will take you back to the home depot website where you can see or purchase it. 

It has held up very nicely. We did this project in January and the stickers and paint are still beautiful!

Thanks for joining me today! Hopefully I'll have some more to post in a bit.


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