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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spice Rack Thread Holder

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post, but hey I am proud I got three posts in one month! Woo hoo lets see if I can keep it up.

Ok onto the juicy makeover! As you can see by my photos I have a peg board in my craft room, which I absolutely love! It really is a crafter's necessity if you have a craft room. However, the pegs aren't cheap, and I had used all of mine trying to put up every spool I owned. And I hated that I could only get on one spool per peg. I checked out getting a thread holder at hobby lobby and other craft stores, but they aren't cheap, and don't hold a whole lot of thread, which meant I would eventually have to buy another one. So it got me thinking what about a spice rack?

 I of course didn't have a wall one, so I kept my eye out every time I went garage sale-ing.

 My patience paid off, got this one for 50 cents. I already had the spray paint, but its the cheap kind that only cost $1 at home depot. 

I will say I nearly used the whole can, but only because it had a shiny stain finish, and of course I was not going to sand it. I'd much rather spend the whole $1 because time=money. 

Anyway, I love the end result. It fits great up on my peg board. It does have the hooks on the back to hang it up like on a wall, but it didn't sit flush that way using my pegs; so I went ahead and just hooked them on the top rim.

I love it and it only costs $1.50 and maybe 30 minutes total of spray painting. 

What can you repurpose for that amount? The possibilities are endless my friends!

Thanks for tuning in! Hopefully I will have another project to post soon!


  1. This is a yard sale-ing idea! The fact it can work on your peg board is even better! Now I'm enJOYing a brainstorm of thinking about other things that can be stored in these things. And, I'm with you on the paint idea.

  2. A quick and easy Up Cycle - nice job! I like multi-use objects.

  3. I have the exact same spice rack that I got at a thrift store for 50c too! I sprayed mine robins egg blue and keep craft paint on it!


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