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Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Whew, I am barely getting this out on time. But I did want to do a post on it. I know a lot of others have done it as well. Ehh who cares. 
I have two kids who will be giving a gift each day this week.
I've planned it all out and know what we'll be giving to them each day, so why not photograph  while planning it right? Right!

So without further ado...

1.  Handmade paper Donut bag

I printed the saying :
"Donut I'd do without a teacher like you"
on notebook paper and then added wax paper to the back side so that when I put the donut in it, it won't make grease marks. After making I cut the top with zig-zag scissors.

Even though the sayings weren't mine, re-desined and made them all on my computer. I don't subscribe to Adobe so I can't do a PDF downloadable, but I will add the images to the bottom of the post. You  should be able to just right click and save image as.

2. Homemade Frappachino with Personalized Starbucks Logo

I got the plastic tumblers at Walmart for only $6. Notice the logo? It says my name instead of Starbucks!
I took the Starbucks image off the net, edited it in Pixlr advanced to remove the Starbucks part. Then I went into Pixlr Express, and added the name that way. The font is Candal, under the Sans Category.
I did have to do one letter at a time and line it up just right, which was pain in the rear. It got better the more logo's I did. I made one for each teacher with their first name on it.
To make the sticker, I followed this tape transfer DIY. 
Note: This has to be printed on Laser ink toner. I made the image and then went to Kinko's and had them print it. But they do charge a $5 admin fee? So next time, I'll print it on my computer and then just make a color copy with their laser toner copiers.
Also note, I had to use a wider than normal tape. I believe you could find it at an office supply store (Walmart did not have it). But the guy at Kinko's was nice enough to let me use their wide packing tape. Its almost 3 inches. I've also seen it done with contact paper, but it will not stick as well afterwards. 
I'll give it to them with a homemade 
frappacino in it.

3. Coffee with a cute Latte Tag

I bought some mugs at Walmart on clearance for only $2, and then made the a tag
saying "Thanks a Latte for all you do!"
I'll fill it with coffee, and bring it to school one day with the kids for their teachers.
It could also be a throw away cup, they have them for like 6 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

4. Potted Plant with a Thank You Tag

I made a tag saying:
"Thank you for helping grow"
I added it to a chevron back ground and just a black square to resemble a chalk board.
Then just get any pretty plant/flower and add the tag to it.

I just so happened to have these burlap planters.

I bought them for only 30 cents on clearance last year at a local grocery store's floral department. I am so glad I did because they were a  perfect accessory to the plants we'll give!

4. A&W Rootbeer with AW-some tag

This is the cheapest one by far. I just got the travel size A&W Rootbeer  and added the saying:
"Your the most AW-some teacher".

6. Homemade Bath Fizzies

These were a Valentines gift for the kiddo's teachers, but you could make this for their gift this week too. To see the tutorial click here. I added the tag "Keep Calm and Take a Bath".

7. Personalized Plastic Tumbler

I got these cups at the good ole' Dollar Tree. 
Click here to see the tutorial.

9.  Hand Painted Tile Coasters

We made these last year for our teachers. They were so easy to make and cheap! Click here to see how we made them.

10. Homemade Salsa

As seen before on 10 Appreciation Gifts from last years post: Homemade Salsa. I can't give you my recipe though. But find one on Pinterest, and then just create a cute label to the jar.
 Our teacher's loved it and have requested more. 
We give this out for Christmas, birthdays, and many occasions.

I hoped some of these ideas will work for you!

Oh almost forgot... to add the tag images.

Thanks so much for tuning in guys! 
Until Next time...


  1. Neat ideas! I always had a hard time picking gifts for this week, this is a great list Allie and I am sure the teachers will LOVE them all. :)

    1. Thank you :) We gave the Root Beer Today, and then it was pointed out by a co-worker who reads my blog that I put Your instead of You're. Oops and I gave it to the teachers. I bet they got a giggle.

  2. These are great ideas, Allie! Love them! Thanks for including the printables, too!

  3. Love all of these ideas. I'll have to keep that A&W one in mind for Friday!

  4. I really like the salsa and potted plant ideas! So cute : )

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

  5. Oh, this is a fabulous round up! I know quite a few teachers who would love these! Thanks for linking up at Creative Spark Link Party!

    Becky ~ My Paper Craze

  6. Super cute ideas! Pinned! Thanks again, for stopping by our party. Lou Lou Girls

  7. Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here a knockout post

  8. It is the beginning of August and that means Back to School season is upon us once again. Thanks for great teacher gifts.


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