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Monday, May 12, 2014

$15 Framed Poster Print

$15 Framed Poster Print by 3 Little Greenwoods
Hello and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! What did you do? My husband had to work. My son woke my up at 5:30 and said he felt dizzy. Sure enough he was running a fever, boo!
After fighting with him to take his medicine, we finally got back into bed at 6:30. He got to snuggle with mama, because that's just how I am when my kids are sick. I want them near me so I can make sure they are ok. I can roll over and feel them.
We finally got up around 10, since church was out of the question with him being sick. I spent most of my day cleaning, making breakfast and lunch and then finally got to take a shower and relax.

My husband got home around 3:30. I had origianally planned to go to dinner and a movie with my mom. I had full intentions of cancelling since my son was sick. But good ole Daddy/hubby insisted I go and have a good time. Thank You Sweet Love of my Life.

Ok, well enough about my day, tell me about yours! 
But first let me introduce...

Ashley from 

She's my guest blogger today and she's got a a great girl's room decor post!

Hey y'all! I'm Ashley from 3 Little Greenwoods

 Today I am sharing with you how I filled an awkward space in my daughter's Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom. Let me show you how I created a beautiful Framed Poster Print with a Goodwill find and $15! $15 Framed Poster Print by 3 Little Greenwoods Upcycling second hand decor, painting treasured heirlooms, and DIY projects galore transformed my daughter's space into 
An Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom.Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom by 3 Little Greenwoods

Every spot was carefully filled with a Gallery Wall of Family Portraits, a DIY Dress Up Station, and even a Magic Mirror for Tootsie to twirl in front of! There was just one little area that really bothered me. Nothing I placed above Tootsie's headboard ever filled the space. The first piece I tried was hand painted artwork that matched her original crib bedding. It was a sentimental piece but the size was way too small to fill the space.

girl room decor

Next I made a Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath. The wreath was a fun project to make {especially the felt flowers} and I really love the colors but it wasn't large enough either.

yarn and felt flower wreath

What I really wanted was a huge custom made canvas using a photograph from Tootsie's three year old portrait session! My talented friend at Sierra Swales Photography did a fabulous job at capturing Tootsie's spunky personality. But my
frugal self did not want to spend $50 plus to order one. So I did what every Do It Yourself Girl does when she needs a project done cheap. I headed to Goodwill! There I found the most lovely wooden frame. Not.

Goodwill frame

Fortunately for me, it was the perfect size to fit a poster sized print (20" x 24") but the frame was filled with the nastiest, hootchie-mama red, burnt velvet fabric I have ever seen. But at $6.06 I was thrilled with the find!

Goodwill frame 

 It was nothing that a little {a lot} of white spray paint and the claw end of a hammer couldn't fix. ;) The poster print was ordered online at Sam's Club for only $8. It was attached to foam core with spray adhesive then hot glued into the frame. Hint ~ Make sure your photograph is a high resolution file or the poster will be grainy. I was very lucky my photographer shared a quality image with me! Viola! Fabulous personal artwork that filled this space perfectly!


Here's the break down of what I spent:
Goodwill Frame - $6.00 Poster Print - $8.00 Sheet of Foam Core - $1.00 Spray paint from stash - FREE
Total for huge Framed Poster Print - $15!
I hope I have inspired you to keep looking for just that right piece to fill your awkward spaces! You never know what a can of spray paint can do until you try! ;)

Hop on over to 3 Little Greenwoods to see more DIY projects, craftiness, and kid fun!
Your comments totally make my day! They give me huge motivation to keep creating and having fun with my 3 Little Greenwoods!
~ Ashley
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That picture is so darling! Your daughter is beautiful!
I love the idea too of putting it on foam core! I am so trying this!

Thank you so much Ashley for coming on today, 
and thank you all for tuning in!
Until next time...
Last Day to enter to win the bracelet giveaway!

And in case you missed this post, come check it out!



  1. Thanks for sharing on Blogger Brags!!

  2. Ah, Goodwill finds. Those little (or big!) finds that have so much potential. Love the makeover you gave that find! Thanks for linking up at The Creative Spark!

  3. Everything looks amazing! Pinned! Thanks again, for sharing at our party. Lou Lou Girls

  4. Perfect for our unica hija’s room, too. I guess I’ll be printing her portrait in a larger poster dimension. She’ll be surprised for sure.
    Poster printing Los Angeles


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