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Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days of Christmas, Day 3: $5 or Less Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Good Morning, and Happy Thursday! 

Welcome to Day 3 of the 
12 Days of Christmas Series!

We've all been there, last minute thinking of what we can get for Stocking Stuffers!

You've probably already spent a ton on gifts, and now you just want to find fun, unique and CHEAP Stocking Stuffers, am I right?

Well, I've done the dirty work for you,
And most of these you can get right now without getting off your couch!

So lets begin...

How cute are these for your contact lens wearers? Only $5

They have all different colors, and these cute watches are only $4.14!


Dip Clips
How cleaver is this, I just ordered some of these myself!
They are 8.29 but divide them up and thats only 
$2.07 a piece.

How funny and unique are these?
You can make Grilled Cheese in a toaster, SAY WHAT?
These are $5.98 but it comes with 2 so that 
less than $3 for each one!

I personally love this one, with the New Year coming up and weight loss goals, I need to drink more water, and the individual packets can get costly, get the bigger cans, and use these scoopers, and Bam, save money! These babies are only $4.99.

What Woman doesn't love bracelets?
I love the colors, and they're only $2.99 each, can't beat that!

Keep it Simple - Link Bracelets

Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces, great for kids, 
but even cooler for adults who run!
They're only $3.26.

Ok, yes, I just blogged about this, 
but if you're up to making some of
 this Homemade Lip Balmthen you get 
make it for pennies each container.

If you're up for some crocheting, 
this Mug cozy only takes about 
an hour, and who wouldn't love this?

You can buy the tiles for 50 cents or less,
paint them, or put a picture on them,
and wrap them up with ribbon.

Fuzzy Socks! Love em!
You can usually get a pair for $2-$3

DVDs are always a hit around our house. 
Big Lot's seems to be the cheapest place so 
far to get DVD's for $3-$5.

Most drug store, dollar store, Target, 
Walmart etc sell them for around $5 for 5.

Hand Sanitizer in all sorts of  flavors! 
Most are $2 or under!

Lottery Tickets are fun and Cheap,
just don't get mad when they win.

$5 Starbucks Cards, are sure to 
put a smile one their faces!

Football Cards
My son loves Football Cards, and for only
 $5 I can get him something he loves!

For the Keurig Coffee Drinkers
buy a variety pack of K-Cups and
Divide them up, some for you,
some for him, for her, some for you.

I love cute mugs like this, and this is a 
travel mug too, BONUS!
Its only $3.99

Love these new travel size nuts from 
Wonderful,they're usually less than $2.

Dirty or Clean magnet for your dishwasher.
You could totally make one of these 
or just buy it for only $4.

3 in 1, 3ft Tangle Free Flat Noodle Micro USB 
Charging Kit for Androids only $1.28!

Sinful Color Nail Polish
2 for $3 at Walgreens!

The smaller bags Beef Jerky
are $5 or less at most drug stores!

Kroger sales these travel size 
wines for $1-$1.50 each bottle.

Most Dollar stores have these 
Scalp Head Massagers for 
only $1 or get 2 for $2.23 
at Amazon.

Green LED Bike Lights
and they're only $1.95.
So getting these for my son!

And that concludes my list!
I could go and on!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next time...


  1. I love the stuffer ideas ! Thank you for linking at Bloggers Brags . I have pinned to Bloggers Brags Pinterest board. We would love to see you today at the party.

  2. Great ideas! Pinned and tweeted. Lou Lou Girls


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