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Sunday, December 15, 2013

12 Days of Christmas, Day 9: Knitted Wine Bottle Cover

Welcome, welcome! I haven't be very good at all about having a post everyday of the 12 days of Christmas. I apologize. This is something I should have had already before I started the series. But I thought I could handle it. Its proven to be more than I can handle. 
I just can't seem to catch up between the series, guest blogging, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, homemade Christmas gift making, and knitting orders.

I barely have my head above water. But that is no excuse. Soon the holidays will be over. Hopefully, I will have everything done in time, and then I can breathe a big sigh of RELIEF.

Anyway, enough whining!

This wine bottle cover is great for giving the gift of wine, or just to display during the holidays. Best part is, its super easy to make on a knitting loom.

I used a silky thin yarn, and used two strands (two skeins at the same time).
Using the smallest circle loom (newborn hat size),  e-wrap one row, and then a a flat stitch and  then purl stitch (Lay the yarn loosely underneath the loop that is on the peg. Insert the hook under that loop, and scoop up the working yarn, thus creating a new loop.
Take the existing loop off of the peg, and replace it with the loop that is pulled through). 
Purl stitch for about 20 rows.

Then e-wrap and knit over and repeat that for the next 40 rows.

After the 40th row, knit from the first peg to the 12th peg. Knit on these pegs only.

When you get to the end of the 12th peg, e-wrap the opposite direction skipping the 12th peg, then knit over.
At the beginning peg, skip the first one and e-wrap going back to the 12th, then knit over again.
Repeat those step for 6 more rows.
After the completion of the 8th row, take the loops off and move them over to the unwrapped loops. Connect them to those loops and knit the bottom loops over the recently knitted loops.

Then e-wrap once around the first peg and then knit over and move the loop onto the next peg.
And repeat til the last peg.
E-wrap and knit over once more on the last peg and then pull the loop off and cut the yarn and pull the yarn through the hoop to make a knot. 
Crochet the tail into the bottom of the cover, make another knot and cut in the tail in the inside of the cover.

Turn the cover right side out.

Fold the top purl stitch over half way, and put thread yarn through the trim.

Put your wine bottle in the cover, and tighten the string like a draw string and make a bow.

There you have it.
Its super easy, and takes about 1 1/2 hours.

I have also seen where they put ribbon and a bow on the front instead of the yarn bow. You could also make a flower or a crochet/or knitted scarf to go around it.
The ideas are endless.

Thanks so much for tuning in today!
I hope to see everyone back for the next 3 days of Christmas. 
Until next time...


  1. What a lovely way to wrap a bottle of wine! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Very pretty, Allie. I love the ribbed look, I also love 12 days of Christmas posts. Makes you want to see all 12 days. Thanks for linking this up to Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  3. Love this. I must figure it out. I have such a hard time understanding loom knitting projects without videos. Lol

  4. Do you have a small circular loom? If so this is super easy. The only difference is at the end loom only half of the circle, and then join to the other side that you haven't been knitting. Or crochet it if you know how to crochet.

    1. I do have a small loom. I just started so I'm still learning to read patterns. But thank you, I will try it out.

  5. Hello! I am trying to make this and have stumbled on to something in confused about. Can you give more explanation as to what you mean with "After the completion of the 8th row, take the loops off and move them over to the unwrapped loops." Do I take the loops from the 12 pegs and move them to the other side? I was trying this and it was quite difficult as my yarn didn't want to stretch and made me think I wasn't doing it right. Thanks for your help!

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