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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Friday Follow Along Party!

It's PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!
If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family, fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun.... 


                                                                                                                            Let's get the rules out of the way...    
  • There are no real rules-except nothing x rated! 
  • Link up at least 1 post (max of 2) AND 1 social media site so we can all follow along!
  • Visit as many links as you can and leave comments! 
  • Its just like the game Follow the leaders (host &cohosts) and  follow at least the person ahead of you and behind you. Follow others via twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', etc 
  • Link back if you can and when!   Not required but appreciated!
  • If you have a blog hop today or this weekend...go ahead and link it up!  
  • If you are looking for your next party (or hosting one) check out the PARTY PAGE!


And our oh so savvy Co-host  Brittany from MOMMY ON DEMAND!

This girl has some AMAZING recipes and has been featured here and on other bloghops more times than she can count!

Follow Her at your favorite site:





It was so amazing to see so many great recipes, tips, tricks, and holiday posts!
Now, if you are featured, you will not only be added to our Pinterest Board BUT you will also get a few social media links listed here---PRIME REAL ESTATE!

Swing by KatsKool Stuff on ETSY and check out the vintage and shabby finds!

Wish you could use paint to customize your home? Swing by Lynda Bergman and see her amazing paint techniques!  Follow her via blogger!

Do you love Egg nog and need some more ways to use it? Check out how HERE at Melding Magic! Follow them Via Facebook  and Twitter.

Last (but certainly NOT least) check out an Amazing appetizer from Grandparents Plus! They are always sharing the best ideas for fun! Follow via pinterest and bloglovin'
BE SURE TO FOLLOW THEM ALL! C'mon, you want to be followed when you are in the spotlight!!

Now....let's get this party started!!!

It wouldn't be a party without mingling - SAY HELLO and make a friend!


  1. Hi Allie, Happy New Year and thanks for hosting.

  2. Allie, thanks so much for all the parties in 2013. Have a happy new year! Christine from Little Brags

    1. Thank you Christine! I hope to see ya for many more parties this year ;)
      Happy New Year too you too!

  3. Hi Allie, I just started using the circular knitting needles and find them less bulky and it takes some getting used too. I never worked on a loom before. Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy your weekend.

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