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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's never too early to start Christmas Shopping!

It's time to start Christmas Shopping!

Are you like me? 
I love Christmas, love, love, love.
But if I don't have a hold on the Christmas shopping, I get so stressed out, and I get to to the point where I just don't enjoy it as much.

One Christmas it finally hit me. I mean I was a crazy, stressed out lady.
Oh wait that's me all the time.

I was tired of trying to think of what to get everyone, and I ended up spending way too much money, because I saw it and grabbed it.
And I literally didn't finish my shopping up until 
3 days before Christmas.

Now some would say hey, at least it was before Christmas. 
Are you a man? 
Because they're only ones who thinks its ok.

I don't like being stressed out. 
I want Christmas to be fun and exciting.

When December hits I want to be baking sugar cookies,
and wrapping gifts, not scouring around for last minute gifts.
Which by the way, when I shop for last minute gifts, they are never what I really want to give out and I don't think that other person receiving it really truly likes it.

So ever since that one super crazy Christmas, when mama truly went mad, I've made it my mission to get 80% of my shopping done by December 1st.
And every year I get closer to 100% by that date.

How do I do it?

I shop online!
I do shop in stores, a little.
But that's only if I see something super cheap and its something I know someone on my list will want.

Where do I do most of my shopping online, you may ask?

Well Amazon of course!

Last year we signed up for the Amazon Prime program.

They have a free trial, and once we signed up, there was no doubt that we would use it year round.

I love it so much I am thinking about giving it as a gift for a few family members. 
And...hopefully they aren't going to see this post.

I love that I can get my order in two days, and a lot of times I get it in 1 day.

I love that its free shipping! 
And all year round you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video Streaming.
They have tons of movies and shows to watch, and all for free with the Amazon Prime Membership!

I seriously shop all the time on there. I have found myself not going to the store when I have something I need to buy. Instead I just go on Amazon find me my Deal Steal and get it in two days. I didn't have to figure out which stores sold it, and drive there and waste time and gas money.

Ok, so enough rambling on, ready to see some of their great deals?

Keep scrolling, there's something for everyone!

I will post weekly deals that I think appeal to most of my readers from now until mid December, maybe longer who knows. We shall see how busy I get in those later weeks leading up to Christmas.

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...


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