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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is Short, Enjoy your Coffee!

"WAKE UP, and smell the COFFEE", my mom would always say! Of course she meant it sarcastically. But yep, I gotta say I do like to wake up and smell the coffee. Even better when it actually keeps me awake!

So, I know... what in the world is she talking about? Coffee duh!
We all know about the Keurig machines, but what you may not know is now Starbucks has created their own machine, called Verismo. Yes!!!

We all love their coffee, so why not make our own for those days we just can't make it into their shop.

I was asked by Jennifer, a marketing guru to review this machine.

I love espressos, and let me tell you this machine makes it quick and just like you'd get at Starbucks.

Once upon a time, I had an espresso machine, and let me tell you I only used a few times. I mean what a waste of money. It was so hard to do, that I could have just nuked some artificial crap way faster.

Now with this machine, in the same time it takes you take heat the water, and open the package, stir etc., you can make a real one! 

I was tickled pink at how it actually looked and tasted just like the ones at Starbucks! 
You can make all sorts of different kinds of coffee, not just espressos.

So lets start with the basics...

You add your water to the tank in the back of the machine, turn the machine on. The top silver lever opens and you pop in the pod (that looks similar to a k-cup).

For a latte espresso you put a milk pod in first before the coffee and press the big tea cup button.

Then you put in the espresso coffee pod, and push the top espresso button, and look what happens, it makes the coolest coffee picture!

Trust me I can't believe I captured such a cool picture, and all on the first try [insert happiness].

The empty pods drop into this cool bin, love it <3!

I had my sister try it out with me and she approves!!!

I was asked to be 100% honest about the machine. I can't find much negative to say about it. 

I will say this... you have to leave your cup under the machine for about 30 seconds after brewing, as it drips,  but, the machine comes apart for complete easy cleaning, so really who cares.
And maybe the only other thing I would change is to be able to do k-cups in there. I love the machine but I would like to be able to do whatever coffee I want in it. I mean yes, its a Starbucks machine, but I just think for versatility sake, if you could use the K-Cups in it, I think a ton of people would rush out and buy it.

Now if Starbucks's is the only coffee you ever drink, then hey who cares, this is definitely for you!
I am so glad I got to review this machine, and my husband thanks you too Jennifer!!! He's a Starbucks addict, and he loves how easy it is to use, and how easy the clean up is afterwards.

Staples supplied me  with the brewer. The review complies with FTC regulations on honest reviews for companies.

                  Oh and look what else Staples gave me...

I've been putting it away, and letting the kids push it after their homework is done each day. [insert giggles]

So thank you again, for allowing me to review this lovely machine. I hope I get many more opportunities soon!

Thanks for tuning in guys! Until next time... 
(which is tomorrow for Worthwhile Wednesdays, lol)
P.S. I can review all the different types of Starbucks coffee pods too Jessica, lol.


  1. I think my hubby would like this machine too for a quick cup on the go. I buy starbucks k cups for our keurig machine. But this looks like a much better set up. Nice review and fun photos too. Hugs

    1. My hubby has a 2-3 cups every morning since we plugged it in. At least he's saving some money. He used to buy at least one cup since they have a Starbucks in his building.

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