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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last minute Valentines Gifts from the Heart

We've all been there,
 "OH Crap I need a gift"! Here are just a few ideas!

It's simple, yes I'll give you that, 
but it's fast, and with a little creativity, 
you can really spruce it up and make 
it look like you spent some time on it.

I made these last year for the kids' teachers',
 they helped paint them as well.
Do it early in the night so they can dry. 
See how to make them here.

3) Coffee or Mug Cozy

If you know how to crochet, great, you can see the tutorial here. If not buy a coffee mug and fill it up with coffee! You can buy these mugs at the Dollar Tree for only $1. Great gift for a teacher or co-worker.

Well Obviously you don't have enough time to make these,
 but you can buy some at the store, or any kind of bath time stuff for that matter.
Print a cute label like above and waa-laa. So easy and thoughtful!

This is totally not my picture! 
(and yes I did link back if you click on the photo)
However, I love the idea of getting 
a plant and making it cute by 
dressing up the pot. 
Plants are sometimes better than 
giving actual cut flowers.
For one reason,they last longer,
 but for those other people 
that you are not intimate with, 
well cut flowers can send the wrong message. 

Well my friends, I hope you got some idears.
 Don't forget to show those you care about by giving 
them a simple gift. Even though some view Valentines Day as another commercialized holiday, it still makes people warm inside to know you CARE!

Thanks so much for tuning in! Until next time...


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