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Thursday, October 31, 2013

MineCraft Creeper Costume

I hope everyone had fun tonight! I am just now posting my daughter's costume, because I just finished it 1 hour before trick or treating time. 

My daughter is a huge fan of Minecraft. When she showed me what she wanted to be, I was like "Heck, I can make that!"

This was our inspiration 

I was afraid with our Texas weather it would be too hot to have a box on, so we instead decided to paint the squares onto the shirt and pants. Wait let me take that back, we decided, but I had to do it. 

We bought matching pink pants and shirt, just cheap-o ones from Walmart. Shh, yes I do buy some things there. I already had the paint, and tape.

I first taped off squares using painters tape.

I taped the sleeves as well too, but when it came to the back side, well, I decided the front was enough.

Then I picked out a lighter pink shade and white acrylic paint.

And Painted every other square pink and white.

                                                                 Look at all that PAINT!

Then I painted a very messy heart with blocks around it. I suck at painting. 

For the head, I made this pattern on  the paint program and then printed about 8 sheets. However it printed much lighter. Ya probably because I am running out of color ink. So I improvised and colored in some of the squares with  dark pink maker.

Then I made the eyes and mouth with black acrylic paint, and cut holes in the center of the eyes.

Were laughing so hard, she looked so cute with her block head on, playing on the computer.

Here's both my kiddos!, Brother was an Army Boy. Hey easy, and he already had the stuff, and even put it all together and got himself ready.

All in all the costume was a bit tedious, but I think original ;) Her friends were envious!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Thanks for tuning in! Until next time...


  1. How cute! My son is a total Mine Craft Junky! This is adorable, and I bet greatly appreciated by your daughter! What a fun Halloween for you guys. Thanks for sharing on Share Your Stuff Tuesday!

    1. Mine too, son and daughter. I am going to be making some creeper hats soon to sell as well, will do a post on it.

  2. Thank you for explaining this. There were several of these types of costumes (looked store-bought, to me) at my kid's school, and I had no idea what they were. Mystery solved, and your daughter (and son) look great!

    1. Yes, my daughter is a minecraft addict.

  3. Adorable! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  4. Guess what? I found a site that's giving Minecraft gift codes away for free!

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  6. Minecraft is good but how about Roblox? There are great resources out there like RobloxHelper. Kids will really find it useful.


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