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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally, a practical safety alert app!

Every parent wants to be the best Mom or Dad. We feel the need to do it all.  Have the best job, the nicest home, the fanciest car, keep on top of the bills, make time for friends, entertain the masses, and of course do absolutely everything and then some to assure the most perfect life and upbringing for that amazing child you have created. 

No one ever told me just how much worrying is involved when it comes to raising them. I try so hard not worry, but no matter what I do I just seem to worry even more. I have a hard time letting my children walk into the front yard unsupervised even for a second. I mean come on, kidnappings happen all the time.

What if you could keep tabs of your children at all times? Would you download an app that could track your child's every move,an app that your child could use on their phone when danger is lurking?

Today, I am very excited to tell you about this new app that does just that and much much more. It's called REACT MOBILE. This app has created an easy way to call for help in the event of any emergency, and its available for iphone and android phones.

"React Mobile  helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful lifeline". I am excited about using this app for my kids. It has a “I’m Safe” button to let me know when they've arrived at your home safely.

My son is to the age now where he wants to walk one block over to a friends house. He doesn't want me walking with him. He just wants to hop on his bike and ride over there. I can't help it though, our neighborhood seems safe, but predators go to the safe neighborhoods too. With the "I'm Safe" button I can know the minute he arrives there.

You know though React Mobile is not just for parents but it can also be used by college students, elderly and more.

With just a simple push of a button on your phone you can send out an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates. By pre-selecting emergency contacts  React Mobile can send a text message, or email. It can also send an alert to be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

When you send out an SOS Alert or Emergency Message, React Mobile is automatically prompted to dial 911. There is also a 
"Follow-me" feature that allows your selected friends and family to track your moves in real-time whenever they are
concerned for their safety.

React Mobile Personal Safety App from Robb on Vimeo.

This is a great tool for all you runners out there. I always have my phone on me, but this way I can let my followers know I'm running, and they know where I am at all times. My husband will love that. I occasionally see him drive by, so he can make sure I'm safe. He won't admit to it, but I see that sneaky little protector.

I am thinking I'll have to snatch my mom and my grandma's phone and download this app and show them how to use it. I worry a lot about their safety too. 
This will also be a great app for the kids to use this Halloween.

Best Part is... IT's FREE! Hurry up and go download this app at React Mobile.
Finally, a practical safety alert app that keeps me worrying a little less.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time...


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