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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to make Tissue Paper Pom Poms/Flowers

Oopsie, sorry guys. Last night I did an impromptu Drive-in movie night with my friend Terri, her kiddos and my kiddos.

It was super fun, we saw Smurf's 2 and Turbo. Two movies my kiddos have been wanting to see. So yes, guilty as charged, I wasn't able to post the project I promised. Please, pretty please forgive me.

Ok, enough mushiness. Onto the good stuff. How to make tissue paper pom poms/flowers.
I used the pink dyed tissue paper to make these, and made several, some large and some small.

So what you need:

Tissue Paper
Yarn or string

Step 1 you'll need about 8 to 10 sheets tissue paper. The more paper the fuller it will be.

Step 2 bend the sheets back and forth like a fan.
Step 3 tie a piece or yarn or string in the middle.

Step 4 Cut a rounded tip on each side.


Step 5 Fan it out.

Step 6 peel each layer up, until it is all fluffed up.

Keep on fluffing until you get a ball, like below.

 I love how they turned out, now all I have to do is attach some clear string, and hang them from the ceiling. These were decorations for my daughter's slumber party. 

Thanks for tuning guys! Until Next time...
To see how I made the tissue paper pink, click here.


  1. These are so cute! I can remember making those years ago...they are still fun!!!

  2. I've seen these and have been wondering how they're made! Thanks so much for sharing! Following you via gfc. :)

  3. You make these look easy! Lovely for valentines day. Visiting via "ThrowBackThursday' link up.

  4. So cute! Takes me back to my chilhood

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing technique of making these Tissue Paper Pom Poms/Flowers.Honestly those are looking so real and artistic.Keep posting


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