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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's not a party without Pink Popcorn and Punch!

Ok, ok, last post on my daughter's party, I promise, lol. I think. No really, I promise.

What  fun is a party without pink popcorn? I ask ya! When my daughter said she wanted a pink party, I hopped right on pinterest and started pinning everything pink that I could think of for her party. I even made a board titled "pink slumber party", click on it if you want to follow it.

So I see the idea of pink popcorn, I was like "Ohhh ya baby, gonna make that!" When I told my mother, she said "OMG, hahahaha, no way, ya know they sell colored popcorn at Crackle Barrel?" And then I said "Well, no but... half the fun is trying to make it myself!"

I searched for enough recipes on how to make it myself and this was the simplest and easiest..

1 cup of  (uncooked) popcorn cornels or 2 bags or plain microwavable popcorn
2 cups of sugar
1 tbsp of butter
1/2 cup of water
food coloring

Preheat oven to 250 degrees
Pop your popcorn by either method, and then place on a cookie sheet in the oven to keep warm while you make the sauce.

In a sauce pan mix all of the rest of the ingredients, I placed about 6 drops pink food coloring.They actually have Neon Food coloring and it comes in pink.
Let all ingredients come to a boil and then let the sauce cool for about 5 minutes. I at first tried just pouring it over the popcorn but it was making it soggy so what I did was place the solution in a gallon size baggie about 1/4 of the a solution at a time, and then filled the bag with popcorn, and Shake, Rattle, and Roll! 

Then empty and put it on the cookie sheet spreading it out so it can dry properly without clumping together.
Keep doing this until all of your popcorn is PINK, PINK, PINK!

As you can see it was a hit, the girls kept sneaking it before the party started.

Now onto the the pink punch!

I love any excuse to get out my punch bowl set. This punch bowl is as old as I am. My Aunt purchased it for the my mom's baby shower when she was pregnant me. So when I got married, she gave it to me as one of my wedding gifts. Unfortunately, I have only gotten to use it about 3 total times. So when I saw pink punch and it was in a punch bowl set, I was so excited.

The recipe is so yummy and so simple.

1 gallon of Raspberry Sherbet
1 liter of Ginger Ale
1 liter of Sprite

In the bowl, 1/4 of the gallon sherbet,  1/4 liter of ginger ale and 1/4 liter of Sprite. It makes a total of 4 batches.

Maybe I should have taken the picture before we started drinking it, lol. Hey we were thirsty from all those sweets!

Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned later in the week/weekend for my next DIY project that's not related to my daughter's party, lol.


  1. How perfect for a party!!!
    Came by to thank you for following and that I'm now following back
    HAVE to pin this!
    Have a great weekend
    ( you're a no reply blogger by the way )
    Big hugs

    1. Awe, thanks and hope you have great weekend too. Oh and what do you mean a no reply blogger?

  2. Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space –great layout. This is definitely a must-see blog!
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    1. Wow, thank you so much! That just made my day!

  3. Cute blog! I'm following you back--spent some time here this morning--great recipes too. Have a great weekend and hope you get some time to get creative and crafty.

    1. Thank you, yes I will get some time tonight!!!

  4. Darling Blog!
    Looking forward to seeing all of your creativity-Following you back and pinning too!
    Warm Hugs,

  5. Cute blog! Thanks for following me -following you back!


  6. What a darling blog...:)
    Thanks so much for visiting and following...I am following right back with Google Friends..looked for a bloglovin' to follow you but I didn't see one.
    That pink popcorn is tooo cute...and I love this punch. Now I am hungry for some. :)
    xo bj
    oops, I see you have word verification on...didn't know if you knew or not. :) If you want to turn it off..just go to your settings and you can turn it off there...just sayin' :)

  7. Love the pink color! Thanks for sharing at CAL link party :)

  8. Hi Allie!

    So nice to meet you! Thank-you for your kind words about my your pink party! And I love that you have a punch bowl as old as you--isn't that wonderful?! I always look for excuses to use mine, too!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


    1. Thank you! I need a new excuse to use again soon, although I am sure my husband wouldn't be thrilled about getting it down from the top shelf in out laundry room, lol.

  9. Such a great idea... I throw a PINK PARTY fundraiser for breast cancer every February and am always looking for fun ideas like this. I'm wondering though if the food coloring can be mixed with the butter and water without the sugar??? Hummm... may have to experiment a bit ahead of time. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  10. You know it might, but... I wonder if it would stick. All of the recipes and I mean all of them said sugar.

  11. Hi Allie, thanks for following my Blog - I'm back here to follow you too and, after reading your Blog, I'm glad I came here - I love the pink popcorn! Lol
    I'm going to pin that, so I can try this when my grown-up daughter visits! :)

  12. Sooo fun!!! Love this!! :) Michelle

  13. Hi Allie,
    My name is Maria, visiting from Sweet Yarns
    I am a new follower....
    I love this Popcorn recipe. I tried to make this for Christmas, but somehow my popcorn was gummy.. I must try this recipe. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday.

  14. What a cute idea for a kid's party with the pink popcorn. Makes me wish I had grandbabies...

  15. Pink is my FAVORITE color. If I had my way just about everything would be pink so I'm definitely going to have to try this pink popcorn!! Such an awesome idea :)

  16. That is awesome!!! Can you do it with other colors too? For example if you were having a boy's party..with green or blue? So cute!!!

  17. Thanks for linking up at Craft Frenzy Friday this past week. I love this pink popcorn! I posted about it on my Facebook page today and will be pinning to save!

  18. There's a LifeHacker popcorn hack that you put the butter in that microwave bag by cutting a square flap and taping down with duct tape... maybe you could do the same for the pink coloring? I'm not sure I want to go through the whole processes. It is a really cute and girly idea though! I'll consider doing this for my daughter's birthday. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  19. Pink is my happy color, so this party is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

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