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Monday, August 5, 2013

How to dye tissue paper

I know what you're thinking... Why on earth would anyone want to dye tissue paper? Well there are a couple of good reasons, one might want to.

  1. You need a specific color and can't find that color in stores.
  2. You only have white, and don't want to spend the money on purchasing more.
  3. You have a lot of RIT dye, and lot of white tissue paper.
Ok, so in my case. I had a lot of RIT dye and a lot of white tissue paper, and not a lot of money to spend on purchasing more. I mean come on have you seen how many sheets you get in a package. I mean even if you shop at the Dollar Tree, you will still spend $1 on about 10 sheets, and well for the project I was going to do, I was gonna need a lot of tissue paper.

So this is what you will need

  1. RIT Dye (its the cheapest and comes in a lot of colors, plus it comes in liquid) I used Petal Pink
2. A spray bottle ( you can get them at the dollor store)
3. White tissue paper

Fill your sprayer with 1 cup of hot water to one cap full of RIT Dye. I filled up my whole bottle. Using 24 ounces and 3 caps full. Unless your're only planning on doing  20 or less sheets, I say fill the whole bottle up.

I have a roll of white tissue paper, so I rolled it all out long sections at a time, and began spraying away.

It's kind of hard to tell by the pictures. But as it soaks into the paper it becomes a beautiful pink color. Best of all it tends to collect in certain spots, and dries pinker in that spot. It sort of looks tie dyed, which you would think would look strange. But it actually looks really pretty.
It took a little while but then again I made probably 160 sheets (by the time I cut them).
My back was getting a little tired from bending over to spray it. But the good news is I think I may have killed some ants. If I didn't then they are really pink now, lol.

Here is the outcome when it dries. As you can see, it will dry wrinkled, but I like it that way.

Stay tuned tomorrow! I will show the project I am working on, hence why I wanted the tissue paper pink.
Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Click here,to see project I used the pink tissue paper on.


  1. Super crafty and pretty, love it!!

    xo, Tanya

  2. Thanks so much and thanks for the follow!!!

    Here's the link to the project I made with it :)

  3. Hi Allie,

    Your paper turned out pretty; so delicate-looking!
    I also enjoy coloring tissue paper. Here is the link if you'd like to check it out:
    I love the humor in your post. Ants are my nemesis!
    Have a great day!


  4. What a great idea! I had no idea you could use Rit. Thanks for sharing this at the #saygdayparty. I just pinned this to the Say G'day Saturday board.

    The party is in full swing now so if you haven't had a chance to visit some the links please do stop by and have a look!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. Wow you can dye tissue paper?! Who would've thought. Thanks for stopping by Creative Spark Link Party last week. Be sure to stop by again today to link up!

  6. ohhhh love this! I want some tie dye tissue paper!! Definitely a craft I will try!

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