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Monday, August 24, 2015

Yay, Back to school!

I don't normally do a post like this for my kids going back to school, but today both my kids are off to intermediate school.
A day full of mixed emotions.

I am happy they are big, strong and healthy and happy, but sad they are growing up so darn fast.

My oldest son had his first year in intermediate school last year and no the youngest now follows him.

I am grateful they still let me take first day of school photos.

And what they don't know is I am going to be taking one for the rest of their lives.

Yep, I'll follow them to college too.

Well, at least I'll take one of them when they get set up in their dorms.

But if they choose to go locally, then you bet I'll still make them take one their very first day.

It's funny my kids act so distraught about having to go back to school each year, but they are so excited the night before picking out their clothes and packing their backpacks.

Both of them can hardly sleep each and every year that first night, before the first day of school.

It will only take a day or two before they whine again, about having to wake up early to go, but that's ok, that's life right?

Only 7 more years of school before they venture out into the Big, Big schools (aka college).
{insert tears}.

But I must say this mama is a little tiny happy they are back in school, it was a long summer of them fighting over the X Box and computers. It's my turn, no its my turn, {insert yelling} "MOM".

Love you boogers!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next Time...


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