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Monday, April 27, 2015

How I Cope With My Pinterest Addiction

Ha, and you thought this was a 
control your Pinterest Addiction!

Hi, my name is Allie, and I'm a Pinterest Addict!

Get real, you think I've been cured? 
And do you think I even want to cope?

If you answered "Yes", to those questions, well then [sigh] you just don't know me at all.

And maybe you don't. Maybe you followed 
the Pinterest crumb trail, that I or one of the 
other Pinterest Addicts left for you.

Instead of talking about how to spend less time on Pinterest, lets talk about all the wonderful, oh so fabulousity benefits Pinterest has to to offer.

Pinterest has literally changed my life!!!

No kidding, I feel so much more creative, since Pinterest was created.

Before, they called me the "Google Queen", 
and now they call me the "Pinterest...
(haha) "Freak"!
 That's okay, its a title I'm proud of (sort of).

Pinterest is essentially a digital cork pinning board, a place where you can collate and categorize anything visually appealing to you.
Oh, yes I did! I did say ANYTHING, baby! 

Pinterest has become number 4 in social media.
Ha, number 4? Come on now, in my book it's number one, but hey until all men are on the Pinterest Train, guess it will remain in the number 4 slot.

It's funny, my husband used to totally be like, 
"Oh Pinterest, that girly crafty site".

And now he has finally realized that it's so much more than cupcakes, knitting and craft projects.

While he doesn't have his own pinterest account, he does have his own board for RV Ideas.

Now, some of the stuff I've pinned. 
 In fact, as I was creating the widget to pin on here, I got a little carried away and pinned some more stuff on it.

Most of the ideas, are things that honestly, 
he wants ME to do to the RV. 
Like re-model projects, and organizing ideas. 
But he has also pinned fix it ideas, and camping check lists, etc.

Now, onto some other fabulous reasons, why you should become addicted to Pinterest too
 (if you're aren't already).

How about the fact that it's a 
free business traffic director.
Ok, maybe not totally free, there are some
 options you can pay for.

I think basically if you pay for a Business Pinterest Account 
then your pins will show up on the top of 
the lists when someone searches that item.

But with or without a business account, shoppers referred by Pinterest spend 10% more than other resource sites.

I use Pinterest for my Etsy and Ebay to direct traffic. 

Not all of the stuff on there is stuff I sale, and some of the items that I've pinned are old items I don't sale anymore, but it's still a great free way to get noticed!

So, with that said, I know many of us bloggers, monetize our blogs. 
Yep, and it just so happens that Pinterest is my number one source of traffic directed to my site.

I pin everything that has been on my blog!

Follow Allie's board Pins from the Crafty Allie Blog on Pinterest.

Pinterest not only provides you with more backlinks to your website, but it also increases your visibility.
So basically, instead of people finding you on their own, being visible on Pinterest gives you additional potential touch points.
Yes, score!

Pinterest lets you source and post appealing content that others will find interesting and will want to like and share. And if you're like me
its even better when they decide to share a pin on Facebook, 
double SCORE!

Also, another bit of informative advice...
add your website to your Pinterest Profile.
Once pinners follow you (if they hadn't already visited your site), then your profile will have it right there in plain site!

Moving on.

 We all go there. Sometimes were in a rut and can't seem to think of anything new and interesting.

While I rarely copy the ideas straight from another pinner, I always give them credit when I do.

Most of the time I try and put my own twist on it.
Like I usually make it my own way. 
I'm a big short cut taker, and my version is never the same as theirs.

Follow Allie's board Crafts I gotta try on Pinterest.

Most of the time I come up with an idea of something I want to make and look to Pinterest in reassurance that I can do it.

What I love about Pinterest is that you can join other boards.
These boards sometimes have thousands of followers. So that means if you pin your project on there, you're sure to get noticed.
Follow Rachel Baumann (Fifty Two Weekends of DIY)'s board DiY Blogger Projects - Group Board on Pinterest.

I have tons of boards, everything from cooking, knitting, sewing, and party ideas to gift ideas. 
Follow Allie's board yummy food on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Happy Hour on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board knitting on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Sewing on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Party ideas on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Gift ideas on Pinterest.

I join almost every group someone has invited me to, and I have some boards, just because I felt like pinning something random I saw.

Follow Allie's board Funny on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board free printables on Pinterest. Follow Allie's board Nifty DIY solutions on Pinterest.

And also, in case you didn't know...
I also host a monthly Pinterest Pinning Party
"Our Favorite things Pinterest Party"
which is possible in the works of becoming weekly, we shall see.

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...


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