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Friday, March 28, 2014

Crafting with Scrapbook Paper

Does anyone still scrapbook? I'd like to say that I did, but these days I only do digital scrapbooking. It's a little cheaper, and it seems to be much quicker. If you're not into scrapbooking anymore, then what did you do with all your left over paper?

I hope the answer to that question is that you hoarded it for a future project. Scrapbook paper can be very expensive, and it seems a shame to just  give it away or sale it in a garage sale for pennies.

I hung onto mine, and thank God I did because I have been finding more and more uses for it. I finally used up all of my old papers, and now I am finding myself buying more. But now that so many people have given up the hobby, its quite easy to buy it cheap.

I'll get to the chase and share some of my ideas.

Nothing says "Your're Special to Me" like a homemade card; and this card literally took, 5 minutes!
The balloons, text and cupcake are all from scrapbook paper.

Pencil or Utensil Holder

It can be for you, or a kid or a teacher. It's so quick and easy
Simply keep a used tin can, wash it out with a little soap and bleach (to get the smell out), paint the tops and bottom, and then apply your scrapbook paper. Easy, peasy, mac and cheesy!

Light Switch Covers
This is one of my favorite crafts, I even sell them
 on Ebay & Etsy. 
Simply make a cardboard template of your light switch. 
Then trace and cut it out from your scrapbook paper. 
Glue it down with some tacky glue,and make sure to 
get all of the bubbles out. 
On the back side where the light switch goes, cut an X with an 
x acto knife, fold and glue each piece to the back of the cover. 

On the back  side with your x acto knife  punch a tiny hole where the screws go, turn it over and push the screws in and then take them back out. Do this step very carefully 
so you don't rip the paper.
Then turn it back over and decoupage the front.  I usually do at least 2 layers, but often 3. 
If needed paint the screws to match the main color in the paper.

Jewelry or Accessories Gift Box

Save an old cardboard toilet paper roll, cut a piece of scrapbook paper out and use a glue stick to tack it down to the roll.

 Then fold the sides in, with the top facing the side of the scrapbook paper seam, and place some tape over the folds to keep it from coming up. Then add some twine or ribbon to your package and wha-la! Its super quick and easy, and a great solution when you don't have a box for your gift.

Barbie House Wallpaper

I saved the best for last. I loved, loved, loved this project.
This barbie house is handmade. It is a 9 cubicle bookshelf organizer, purchased at Target. My dad added the roof, and roof details. But on the back of each square is scrapbook paper. My dad actually mounted the each 12x12 paper onto one large piece of wood and attached it to the back, but it could also be stapled or glued to each square. I tried coordinate to each room. One room has bubble looking circles, that I thought would look great as a bathroom. Another one has ducks for the nursery. My daughter has so much fun, and her friends are always so envious of her huge, finely decorated house.
The ideas are endless for what you can make with  scrapbook paper! When you run out and need to get more, check at thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, or your city's Facebook Buy, Sell and Trade page. I even look at Michel's; they sometimes discontinue their pages and sell sheets for 10 cents a piece, or a whole package for $3.

Thanks for tuning in! Until Next time...


  1. I never actually got into scrap booking but I need some of this paper! Looking at your ideas has my head spinning!!!

  2. I have a huge stash of scrapbook papers and use them regularly for projects. They are just so much fun to work with and give you so many wonderful options for design... Love your projects...Cathy

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