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Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentines Day Decor on a Budget

After finally putting all of the Christmas decorations away and cleaning up the New Year's confetti, Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. But this doesn't have to be a cause for an alarm – there is no reason to spend an extravagant amount of money on Valentine's Day decor. I did some research and read a Chase Freedom Unlimited review.

Read on to learn more about how to maximize your Valentine's Day décor appeal while minimizing the impact on your wallet.

Heart Shaped Place Mats

This is a great way to add some pizzazz to your dining area, at minimal cost. All you need to get started are some foam craft sheets (red or pink of course) and a pair of scissors. From there, simply trace and cut a heart shape. You can use a gold pen to decorate the heart with romantic slogans and edge it with swirls. Or perhaps you will want to personalize the heart for that special someone...

Candy Coke Bottles

Valentine's Day offers a multitude of opportunities to indulge one's sweet tooth, but did you know that sweets can also double as a great decoration idea? You can use Coke bottles to create some additional decoration or use them as gifts/party favors. Simply fill the Coke bottles with red, white and pink M&Ms and tie a beautiful ribbon around the top. Gift givers can also add a card, if they feel so inclined.

Flowers For Your Dining Chairs

To spruce up your dining chairs and put your living space in the spirit of Valentine's Day, pick up some silk flowers (preferably four to six) and a moderately sized roll of wire ribbon. By tying flowers to the back of your own dining room chairs, you can create the proper Valentine's Day ambiance. By choosing wire ribbon, you can make your bows as large as possible, for an additional eye-catching element.

Floral Bouquets

When you head to your local supermarket, there are a wide array of inexpensive floral bouquets to choose from. To get the most of these floral arrangements, break them down into a series of smaller bunches. Add some of your best evergreen yard clippings and grab some vases and teacups to add some much needed romance to your rooms. A pretty display can be created for pennies on the dollar!


Candles create a very romantic ambiance, no matter what time of year they are purchased. A trip to your local dollar store or discount shop will provide you with a varied selection to choose from. By shopping for candles at a deep discount, you can create lovely groupings throughout the home and, for example, place them in mason jars, with ribbons tied around the outside.

The ideas are limitless! Even if you're not the crafty type, you can always buy your decor 
pre-made, and save while you're shopping!

Thanks so much for tuning in!
Until Next Time...

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  2. Candy coke bottles are a great idea, easy, cute and oh so pretty.

  3. Such cute ideas! Anything in a cup or a jar and I'm sold! Coke bottles actually look really good too!

  4. Such cute ideas! Anything in a cup or a jar and I'm sold! Coke bottles actually look really good too!

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