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Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter Photo Art

I'm so exited to share this craft with you guys! 
My entry hall has been in some major need of redecorating! I mean I've been in my house for 11 years and I have had the same pictures up in the entry hall, even my husband was tired of them. Now that is pretty sad, when a man gets involved!

So for months now, ok at least a year, I've been thinking about how to change it up. A couple of months ago I saw a great idea on pintrest. So here is where my inspiration came from:

She has the most amazing site, so go on out and tour her blog, you'll love it! (click on the image to be directed to her blog).

Anyway, so I've wanted to do this for a while, just had way to many other projects going on, but a couple of weeks ago I found a rod iron hook decor at a  garage sale and I knew it was fate, that I start my project soon.

So without further ado...

Paint brush or mini roller brush
Sand Paper
cheap frames
hot glue/and hot glue gun
Wood board (8 inches in length, width depends on how long your name is)
photo letter pictures

Here is the before photo of the board I got.

So, yes pat myself on the back, got it a home depot in the scraps section for $1. Yep that's right, $1. But when I got it home my husband is like "cool, but you know its warped, well bowed".So then I said "so, Adds Character". He said it would be fine as long as I used the flatter side. But later I found that it mattered a little more than I anticipated. It was difficult to adhere the frames, because of it not being level :(  Live and learn, live and Learn. There were more to choose from, I just wanted this length, because I didn't have to have my husband cut it.

Anyway, I then sanded it down with a 60 grain sand paper on all of the edges. By the way make you sure you get a rag and really wipe hard to get the sand paper off. I used my hand, and well there were still grits of sand here and there. Live and learn!

I painted  with a Behr Sampler. If you've read my school desk makeover then you already know that this is the best crafters paint ever. Its only $3 and you choose the color, and they mix it. The color I chose was Country Club
Ohhh so Ritzy! 
I don't think many country clubers make their own stuff like this though, lol.

While letting it dry, I spray painted my iron hook thingy!

I used a flat black spray paint that is only $1 at home depot.

Then a little while later (like 20 minutes) I applied another coat to the board, then went back and flipped my rod and did the back, then later went and sprayed down the top one more time.

After the paint was dry on the board I, put my photo letters in their frames. I got these letters off of the web. I just googled photo letters, and typed in the letter I wanted. Now, most are going to be copy right stamped, but a few aren't. Those are the ones I nabbed. I then uploaded it to my local photo processing store, and it only costs $6 for all letters. Oh and by the way, two were not black and white, so I did go and make them that way.

After, I put the pictues in their frames, I then pulled off the stand and hook parts so it would lay flat on the board. I had my husband carefully measure how far apart each one should be, then I hot glued them down the board, one by one. As mentioned above it took a few times to make sure it was secure since my board wasn't level. 

After we attached them, we flipped it over and put on two hanger hooks. You may need more if your board is larger than mine (my board was 18 inches long). After we attached the hooks, we realized that we should have attached those before putting the frames on, one ended up falling off from the movement. But that is ok, that just means that one needed more glue and would have eventually fallen off.

Now for the last step, see next to my E, it says est. in 2001. That is oracal vinyl cut from my cricut. I was determined to squeeze it on there. I love it on there!

So this is the before pictures of my pitiful decor...

And this is the after photo...

Ahh, much better! Total cost of this project was only $14.
$1 for the board, $3 for the paint, $4 for the frames (each $1), $1 for the hanger hooks and then $4 for the rod iron, and $1 for spray paint I love, love, love how it all turned out!

                                     Thanks for tuning in!
                                        Until Next time...


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