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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A New Life (repainted 50's dresser)

I had the best weekend ever! It started out with spending the night at my sisters on Friday, no kids, no husband, just SISTER time.

Had a great Saturday night gambling at Winstar in Oklahoma with my good friends and Hubby!

Sunday ended with a revamp of this 50's dresser!

On Saturday morning, my sister and I went garage sale-ing. One of our favorite things to do together! We got some really great deals, but the big sha-bang was finding this 50's dresser.

Yep, bought her for only $20!!! Eeekkk! I am still just so excited. I am excited because it's SOLID wood, and it has cedar lined drawers. I mean this high quality my friends!

Anytime you can find and old dresser with cedar lined drawers for a cheap price, snag it!

I already had the paint, so literally this baby only cost me $20!

I sanded it down just a little bit first, removing some big clumps of paint and or stains, then I began painting it with this BABY...
It's a Graco Spraystation 2900. I bought it last year to paint my craft room furniture. I love it, and one day maybe I'll paint the house with it.
You can cut down your painting by several hours. Its spays very evenly, and doesn't make a huge mess. I would definitely paint outside with it, unless you have everything near by covered, including the floor, because its a sprayer and it does get on things a little bit, plus if your startled and your hand is on the trigger, for sure other things could be sprayed.

It was a little bit windy this afternoon, so I moved the cars far down the driveway, and all was good.

The paint is a Black Primer plus Paint by Behr.

 However, normally I would paint it with a coat of oil based paint first to make sure it doesn't chip. I already had this, and well I was in a hurry to get it done. I am sure I'll regret it, but it works for now!

I painted the whole thing first, and then once it seemed to be a little dried I took out the drawers and painted on the sides of the drawers and on the sides inside the dresser to make sure none of the old white paint showed.

I absolutely LOVE It! It's for my son's room. He has had a small one since he was 2 years old in his room and he has out grown it. I have known for about 2 years now that he needed a bigger dresser, but its one of these things where I knew patience would pay off. Most the time the ones I see are either not the right style, too big, or way too expensive. So needless to say, I am glad I waited and found one for cheap and really great quality. And... if he so decides he wants to keep it forever, it can go with him when he moves out.

Well, there ya have it. Hope you got some new idears. Painting old (or new) isn't hard at all, just takes a little  hunting and some elbow grease. But in this case if ya have a sprayer, its not hard at all. And look its a beautiful new piece. I kind of want it for my room :(

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. What an awesome find! Turned out great!

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  2. I love finding great deals and transforming them, great job! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!


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