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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why Lighting and Architecture Aren't Mutually Exclusive

Why Lighting and Architecture Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

When you first walk up to someone’s house, what are a few of the first things you notice about the exterior? Is it the stonework of the walk path? Do you notice the color of the door and its ornate brass knocker? Maybe you haven’t noticed any of that. If the lighting isn’t right, not only will you not witness the character of the architecture and the landscape surrounding it, but you won’t be able to see your own two feet very well either. If the front path or stairway isn’t very well lit and someone should fall and seriously injure themselves, not only is the owner living in a very boring abode, but they could be served with a lawsuit too.

No one wants to be slammed with a lawsuit, nor does anyone want to live in a drab house. To keep yourself out of litigation and living in comfort and style, read why your outdoor space needs outdoor lighting.

Photo Source: DIY Network

Reason One: Outdoor lighting will enhance the natural and built landscape surrounding your home. Why limit the time you spend outside? 
PBS notes that “in lighting design, we compose space with contrast, both in brightness and hue. The key design principle is that in visual perception, nothing is absolute and all is relative, because human [beings] have evolved a visual system that is attuned to relative relationships rather than absolute measures.”

You choose not to go outside after nightfall because you cannot easily see the contrast between what is light and what is dark; without enough light, all is dark. Well-placed outdoor lighting manipulates the landscape; therefor we are able to recognize the depth of the paved stone steps and the curvature of the wisteria tree at the bottom of them. After climbing down the steps lit by path lights, the bollard lights lined along the verdant, fragrant bark island planted with hydrangea and other plants make the garden pop. The sloping lawn will look awash in light. You’ll be able to use your outdoor space after hours without fear of tripping over your own two feet.

Photo Source: DIY Network

 Reason Two: Outdoor lighting isn’t used only to safely light walking paths, it’s used to sharpen the architecture of your home, too. Retailers like Lumens sell outdoor lighting fixtures that are functional and aesthetically beautiful. Lighting changes the atmosphere; it creates a mood. American Home Shield writes that outdoor lighting increases the curb appeal of your home. This is true. Pendant and sconce wall lighting will put a spotlight on the architectural elements of your home; the lighting will refine the architectural elements of the home. The shadows the covered awning will play against the grain of the painted wood or the stucco of the exterior wall. A house that in natural daylight looks picturesque will look strong and modern at night.

Lighting can deeply impact the way a house is approached and viewed from the street. Do you want to drive home after a day of work and feel welcomed as you walk up the path, or would you rather it be uninspiring, dull and dark?

Photo Source: Tomorrows Adventures

Reason Three: Your house is where you spend at leisure time after school, work and travel. Your home is where you go to recharge. If the space is unremarkable and has no visual appeal, you won’t get a significant recharge. Instead, the house will only feel like transitional space; it won’t have any meaning and life will feel bland. Good lighting will play on the architectural elements of your home and help you to recognize its natural and built beauty.

If you own your home, you have already invested in it. Don’t let it go by not making updates. Good outdoor lighting will go a long way in making your house a home.

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