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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Blocks Decor

Normally I'd blow up that lead photo; however I'm not particularly pleased with how my lettering turned out.

But it was still a fun project for me and my daughter to work on today.
So because it was easy and fun, I'm still gonna share it with you.

With your luck it will look a lot better!

I started out with these blocks.
They are 2 inch cut from a 8 foot 2x2 inch piece of wood.
I bought it at Home Depot for only $1.77
So yes, its a cheap project, yay for that!

 Then I painted each block with five colors:
Yellow, Brick Red, Copper, Burnt Orange, 
and Green.

 I then painted the letters using these stencils, but wish now I would have either free handed or used my cricut for the lettering ;(

I know I can make it prettier, and will hopefully get the chance to do it over tomorrow.
Ssh, just don't tell my daughter I redid the lettering!

Hope you at least got a laugh out of today's DIY!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until Next Time...


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does projects and looks at them and thinks, "hmmmmm, that's not exactly how I was hoping that this would turn out..." Nonetheless, it's a cute idea and I'm sure it'll look super once you're completely done with them (and they're still cute, now).

  2. what a fun idea! not only could you do customized messages but the kids could play with them too. Gotta keep them distracted!!

  3. Cute! Pinned and tweeted. Lou Lou Girls

  4. Ok, I love these because they remind me of projects the kids and I do together. Who cares if they're not perfect? ;)


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