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Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

As some of you may or may not already know, I am a photographer. I am getting ready for a 1 year old photo shoot, and I had lots of props I wanted to incorporate, but not enough money to buy them all. But the fun is making it if you have the time right?

So here is my first prop....

Haha, I know huh? But just wait as I magically turn this $1 frame from the Dollar Tree into a chalkboard.

I already had pink paint and chalkboard paint by Folk Art.
You can also buy the spray paint by Rustoleum . Its so much easier and it applies so smooth and more evenly.

Ok, so step one...
paint the glass with the chalk board paint.

Step two...
paint the frame

If you buy a plastic frame like I did, it will take about 3 coats.

Step 3 apply another coat (after the first coat has dried) to the chalkboard.

Then after it is all dried, put the glass back into the frame and put the cardboard backer back on as well, and waa-laa you have yourself a chalkboard. I'll post some pics of it when I do my photo shoot.

Apparently I should have the mom write the I'm 1, lol.

Thanks for tuning in, stay tuned for some more DIY photoprops this week :)


  1. Looks so cute!! These are the best little photo props! I don't know if you have michaels or hobby lobby, but they have chalkboard pens & they are so fun to write with.. they make everything so cute! I don't use them often because they're hard to erase, but for photo props I love them because it looks so crips & clear. Can't wait to see pictures :)

  2. Thanks so much Suzy! My photo shoot was cancelled, but hopefully rescheduled soon,and I'll for sure post pics then!


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