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Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage chair made beautiful! (How to Redye a Chair)

I love, love redo's. I mean if you haven't already picked up on that from my blog. And will continue to do more I promise!

 When I found this chair it was a hot mess. I mean an off white/cream, color stained, mess. I saw the beauty in it, and... fell in love with its $2 price tag!

Oh yeah baby, you read that right. If you haven't already visited your county's Goodwill Discount Center, then by God, hop up right Now and GO! Just wait till its open, or not, I am sure they have campers. You can be like the old Mervyn's commercial... "Open, Open", with your nose pressed against the window. 

They sell everything by the pound usually $1, but their furniture is anywhere fro $2 to $10. I see a lot of furniture redo projects in my future!

Oh, and Tuesday's are the best day. They get a lot of stuff donated over the weekend and they process it all on Monday, and put it out Monday night for Tuesday :)

Ok, enough of all that clearance stuff. I could do a whole post on that, bargains are a high for me!
Onto the good stuff! 

I read a lot of posts before doing this. I really, really wanted to do the fabric spray paint (Simply Spray Fabric Upholstery Spray), but that stuff is like $12 a can. I mean it could be worse... but I read you have to usually do about 3 coats, and 1 coat is 1 can. Now its still so much cheaper to go that route than having it professionally recovered, but I am a frugal gal. I got this for $2 and I want to be able to say to myself "Hey this only costs $20 or less to redo" I couldn't say that with the spray. So I did some more research, and some more, and some more. Then I found this tutorial on dying furniture with Rit at Vivaciously Vintage, and I was like ok, lets try it!

So I got Scarlet Red liquid Rit.

Mix one cap full to 1 1/2 cup water.
I at first used a paint brush as I read to do in another blog, but after about 45 minutes of doing that, I was like screw this, and got out the spray bottle to test it out. And it worked so much better. I mean very quick!

This is the after one coat, but unfortunately after it dried it looked a mauve color. So I did it all over again, once it was completely dried. And at first it wouldn't stain darker, so I used less water and more dye. And it finally worked.

I then spray painted the legs a flat black. Don't you just love my tape job? Hey it worked!

Here it is all vibrant and RED, and I LOVE IT!
And all for Only $6!
$2 Chair
$2.85 for the Rit
$1 for the spray paint
add a couple more cents in there for tax :)

It will be great for my photography!

Thanks for tuning in! 

By the way, if you would like to see my photography Face Book page, here it is...


  1. I love the red! That chair is an amazing photo prop!

  2. Thank you, it was so exciting to see it transformed!

  3. I love the red, too. And that you found an easier way to dye it. I'm all about easier! Thanks for sharing this amazing transformation at Throwback Thursday!

  4. Dying your chair's fabric was such a smart way to give this piece new life. Thanks so much for sharing with this week's Throwback Thursday.

  5. I really want to dye my couch but have read some horror stories. Did the dye set or was there run off?

  6. I really want to dye my couch but have read some horror stories. Did the dye set or was there run off?

  7. You know it hasn't faded nor has the dye come off, however, I only use it for my photography. I have heard though you can set the dye by rinsing it with vinegar. You could also try doing a scotch guard treatment as well. You know I would look for a piece of furniture like at a garage sale or goodwill to try first, something very inexpensive. Good luck.

  8. I just did a microfiber chaise with the rit dye. It looked absolutely beautiful but in some spots it felt a little like canvas. A whole week we sat on it without any color coming off. I decided to try brushing it with a hard bristle brush. It soften up great but now color seems to come off. Any ideas?

    1. Hmm, well I am not sure since its microfiber. The only thing I can think of is to paint brush those spots that the color came off. And if it gets hard again, then use a warm rag with a tiny bit of fabric softener? I am not sure if the color will come off again, but I think it is less harsh than soap. Or... Vinegar. I am thinking back to this vinegar hair conditioner where you use apple cider vinegar for conditioner. It is a no sulfate recipe. Just some ideas :) Hope it all works out.

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